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I’m getting latency (delay) or click and pops when recording on my computer.

If you are experiencing latency, or an audible delay, while recording in your DAW, you likely have the hardware buffer size set too high. This can usually be set within your DAW settings. A higher buffer size will create more audible delay, but will free up resources for your computer to use on other processing tasks. A lower buffer size will create less audible delay, but will make your computer work harder. Generally, it’s a good idea to use a lower buffer size when tracking and a higher buffer size when mixing (especially if you’re using a lot of plug-ins).

Here’s how to set the buffer size in some of the popular DAWs:

Pro Tools

  1. Go to Setup > Playback Engine
  2. Choose the buffer size from the drop down menu.
  3. Your session will restart. Pro Tools


  1. Go to Devices > Device Setup
  2. Choose VST Audio System on the right.
  3. Make sure your interface is selected in the drop down menu at the top.
  4. Select your interface under VST Audio System from the list on the right.
  5. Click Control Panel.
  6. Choose your buffer size from the drop down menu.

Studio One

The buffer size in Studio One can be changed from the Audio Setup tab in the Options dialogue which can be accessed from the Start Page or from a song or project by choosing Song > Song Setup, then clicking Options in the lower right hand corner of that window.

Once you’re on the Audio Setup tab, simply choose your buffer size from the drop down window labeled “Device Block Size.” studio one buffer


  1. Choose Edit > Preferences
  2. On the left, choose the Playback and Recording tab. Make sure Driver Mode is set to ASIO.
  3. Next, choose Driver Settings from the left. Your Playback Timing Master should be set to your interface or ASIO driver.
  4. Click the ASIO Panel button near the bottom and select the buffer size from the drop-down menu.

Ableton Live

  1. Open Live Preferences
  2. Choose the Audio tab
  3. Select the buffer size from the drop down menu under the Latency section. abelton buffer

Bitwig Studio

  1. Choose Options > Preferences
  2. Select the Audio tab
  3. Choose the buffer size from the drop down menu labeled “Buffer Size.” bitwig buffer

Digital Performer

  1. Choose Setup > Configure Audio System > Configure Hardware Driver
  2. Choose the buffer size from the drop down menu. DP buffer

FL Studio

  1. Open the FL Studio preferences.
  2. In the Audio tab, make sure you have the ASIO driver for your interface selected.
  3. Click Show ASIO panel.
  4. Select your buffer size from the drop down menu. FL Studio buffer

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