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Certain studio furniture is definitely not the type of equipment to be built in and fixed to the walls. Let's face it, flexibility is very important. Good news - casters help you move your equipment around safely and effectively so you have it wherever you need it in no time.

A studio of any kind - from the beginner's home studio to the fully outfitted professional studio - will always need casters to help you move equipment, roll it out, or put it away.

No matter if we're talking about amps, desks, workstations, or other studio furniture, you need the freedom to move things around without being restricted. The easiest and most convenient way to enjoy this type of flexibility is with casters that manage to balance functionality, versatility, and, why not, looks.

Besides the added flexibility, casters also help you with space-efficiency, especially when you're dealing with large pieces (big amps, for example) that occupy a lot of space.

It's also a matter of safety and comfort: when you manually push equipment, ergonomics are always important. So the easier you can make your studio furniture to move around, the more you're going to help yourself avoid back injuries. A life in music lends itself to travel and lugging around gear. Casters help you be easier on yourself and keep your back in shape so you can enjoy your career.

When looking for caster kits, you should choose a product which provides smooth action, and eases the process of mastering the rack. Keep this in mind: rolling ease depends on the wheel's diameter and material. The larger the diameter is and the harder the material is, the easier the wheel will roll.

You don't want to damage your studio furniture or floor while you're moving stuff, do you? Whatever you're handling, your casters should enable floor protection, quiet operation, and cushioning for delicate equipment.

Also, when shopping for casters, you should pay attention to their capacity. Pick the ones which support the weight of the equipment you need to move around. Basically, you need to make sure they will support whatever you're carrying. Here's a tip: the heavier the studio furniture's weight, the larger and denser the wheel should be.

If you're planning to take your studio furniture long distance, whether you're going on tour or driving to a gig on the other side of town, look for caster kits that include locking wheels and stay in place during transport. This way, you'll make sure everything reaches the destination safely.

Ultimately, you have a lot of options to choose from, so you'll definitely find the casters that best suit your needs. If you need help choosing, our Sales Engineers know all there is to know about the casters and brands we sell.

Questions about Casters?

Questions about Casters?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Questions about Casters?

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