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When it comes to live sound and lighting, Sweetwater offers all the best tools, from wireless microphones and mixers to full PA systems and lighting rigs. Better yet, many of us use the gear we sell, and we use that experience to make sure we carry the gear we'd actually want to use ourselves. That's why when you look at products such as power amplifiers or portable racks on Sweetwater.com, you'll find all the specifications and information you need to make informed buying decisions.

Over the past few decades, we've designed countless PA systems, from personal PAs to sound-reinforcement systems capable of handling full-size venues covering audiences of thousands of people. Every one of them has come down to finding the right mixer, mics, and speakers, all of which you'll find here at Sweetwater. There are humble analog mixers that are perfect for solo singer/songwriters, and there are high-channel-count digital consoles that are perfect for everything from large churches to touring systems for the biggest acts on the road. Need something small enough to fit in your rack? No problem. Large enough to handle a full Broadway-style musical? It's right here and ready to ship.

Onstage, the right microphones are absolutely essential, and Sweetwater has them all. Our selection of handheld vocal microphones starts with the classic Shure SM 58 and covers all the bases, including stage-worthy condensers such as the Neumann KSM 105. There are also countless great microphones available for instruments, and you'll find everything you need from the perfect mics for guitar cabinets and orchestral instruments to complete drum kits right on this website.

Want to go wireless? We make it easy. No one understands how to negotiate the constantly shifting world of wireless frequency bands and the new frontiers of digital wireless better than the expert staff at Sweetwater. Wireless lavalier systems are perfect for presenters; whereas, wireless handheld mics and instrument systems give artists the freedom to move onstage, without worrying about cord tangling or getting tripped up by cables. Likewise, wireless in-ear monitor systems let you cut down stage volume while making it easier for performers to hear. There are many wonderful wireless systems available, and we're sure we can help you find the ones that best fit your budget.

A live sound system is a lot more than just a mixer and your mics. You'll need speakers for sound reinforcement, and if you don't go with in-ears, then you'll need quality stage wedges for monitoring, too. PA speakers today come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Powered PA speakers and subwoofers make setup fast and easy - especially for systems that you need to regularly reconfigure. But the consistent performance and minimal cabling involved in traditional power-amplifier-based passive PA speaker systems are appealing to those who run installed sound systems. It doesn't matter if you want to stay entirely analog or get the most from modern DSP-driven PA system management tools, Sweetwater makes it easy to sort it all out.

Speaking of PA management, check out our selection of top-of-the-line live sound processing gear. These products cover simple compressors, crossovers, and graphic EQs, but they also include feedback suppression as well as perennial favorites such as the dbx DriveRack series and other all-in-one PA management processors. With the top-quality live sound processing you'll find at Sweetwater, you'll have no trouble either exciting and enhancing your sound or pulling out noise with the perfect expander/gate.

Great sound deserves a compelling light show to go with it, which is why Sweetwater carries a fine selection of today's finest lighting instruments from ADJ and Chauvet. In keeping with Sweetwater's own dedication to environmental conservation, we've chosen to focus on the cutting-edge LED technology that's replaced everything from traditional PAR wash lights to the most sophisticated moving-head fixtures.

You can keep it simple and go with lighting instruments that respond to the beat of your music, or take full advantage of the extensive programming options available when you add DMX control to your system. Of course, no lighting rig is complete without fog or haze to go with it, and there are plenty of other effects you can add as well. Top it off with the right lighting stands and accessories, and you're all set.

On that note, there are tons of other accessories such as staging, cases, stands, and other essential live sound and lighting tools that you'll need. Whether it's a drum shield for your worship band or a simple cable tester, you can be sure it's available right here at Sweetwater. And whatever your needs may be, our free, fast shipping can have your next PA system and everything to go with it to your door in days (if not sooner) to ensure your next show runs as smoothly as possible.
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Questions about Live Sound & Lighting?

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Questions about Live Sound & Lighting?

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