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Lighting Clamps

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Proper lighting can convert your show from a simple performance to a true experience. It is one thing to create a general design in how you want the lights to look, but a completely different task to effectively reach that level. Using the right products can ease both setup and post-show teardown. Sweetwater carries a range of lighting clamps to help you achieve that transformative effect on your audience.

A simple C-clamp will secure your lighting fixtures to any truss or stand postured on stage. The versatile use of this design presents you with a reliable source for both premade and custom-built fixtures. Adjustable knobs allow you to use the clamp for a range of purposes up to the maximum carrying load.

O-clamps have a more defined purpose with a specific intent for attaching a light fixture to an assigned truss. Quality product design keeps the clamp from scratching or scuffing your truss, but is tight enough to guarantee a proper anchor for the attached fixture. Before purchase, take a moment to verify measurements of any of your custom-built equipment to ensure the fitting will be stable.

Narrow half-coupler clamps are the staple fitting for larger fixtures involved within your performance. The adjustable design allows you to secure a range of light sources. Arguably the greatest difference between this and C-clamps or O-clamps is the weight management. Half-couplers are among the sturdiest lighting clamps with maximum loads pushing seven or eight times that of other options. Their small size and heavy workload makes them perhaps the greatest utility option available.

Diameter truss clamps present a middle ground between letter-designated and the higher load lighting clamps. Its design makes it less versatile than other options, but it works well to its intended purpose as a clamp anchored around a truss. While its mounting positions are limited, the diameter truss can secure most types of effect lights, lasers, or moving headings.

For your more creative designs, you may need the appropriate mounting hardware. These higher end packages consist of a mounting clamp, safety cable, and DMX cable to aid in positioning any fixtures exactly where you need. Proper profile lighting is perfect for uplighting, lighting, and bringing color to previously barren stages. While the profile is intended for ground use it can be positioned in an array of ways to best suit your needs.

As you work into more complex lighting designs, you'll find that cable management becomes a more pressing concern. Some lighting clamps have a designated build to aid in keeping the lines pressed against walls/fixtures and out of the way.

Sweetwater understands the struggles of both designing and producing a true spectacle on stage. Our team of Sales Engineers are proven musicians and experienced performers. Any questions you may have can be answered as we guide you through one of the more complex processes of putting on a show. Our goal is to help you sort through the finer detailers so you can deliver an amazing experience with your performance - give us a call!

Questions about Lighting Clamps?

Questions about Lighting Clamps?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Questions about Lighting Clamps?

Sweetwater's Sales Engineers are regarded as the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the music industry, with extensive music backgrounds and intense training on the latest products and technologies. They are available to offer you personalized product advice any time you need it.

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