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We're here to help. Our award-winning tech support team is passionate about standing behind every purchase. Select an option below, and we'll help you get up and running with your new gear! It's part of the Sweetwater Difference.

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iTips for using e-mail support.

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Need to talk to a real, live support technician? Our team is standing by during these business hours (Eastern time in Fort Wayne, IN).

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iTips for using phone support.
Tips for using e-mail support
Before you contact us, you might try a few things first:
  1. Check manuals and documentation for answers. Look for keywords in tables of contents, indexes and appendices. Many manuals also include troubleshooting sections.
  2. Our Knowledge Base may already have a solution recorded for you. A simple keyword search for your question or problem may provide a quick answer.
  3. If you're experiencing a problem, try isolating the cause. For example, if you're getting noise on a recording, try a different microphone, a different cable, and a different input on your system – each one at a time – and listen to see if/when the problem goes away
  4. If your problem is software related, do you have the most current version of your software and/or hardware drivers? Updates can be found at the manufacturer's website.
Tips for using phone support
When you do call, be prepared with some information so our expert techs can help you find a solution quickly:
  1. Have your Sweetwater account information ready, including name, address and phone number.
  2. Be in front of your system ready with details on the system you're using including: product names, hardware, software, and how you have the system set up and connected.
  3. Have software and operating system versions ready.
  4. Be prepared with details on the question or problem, including any error messages and when they happen.