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Chorus Pedals

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A chorus pedal magically turns one guitar sound into a — you guessed it — a chorus of guitars. It takes your original sound and doubles it, putting the doubled sound slightly out of time and tune with the original. When you play, it's like there are two instruments playing together, but not in perfect unison.

Sweetwater carries analog and digital chorus pedals. Which one best meets your needs?

Analog chorus pedals act directly upon the signal and have a phaser/flanger element to the tone. Since they don't use digital conversion, the signal is direct and pure.

Digital chorus pedals use short delay circuits in order to generate their effect and create chorus without the phase sound. More precisely, they first convert the analog guitar sound to digital, then process the effect, and finally, convert the signal back to analog. As a result, digital pedals are extremely precise and versatile.

Do you want to customize the chorus sound to suit your own personal taste? Several chorus pedals offer various adjustments that help you with that. Whether you want to speed up or slow down your sound, get more or less depth, control how much of the effect you hear, or adjust the brightness, you'll easily be able to do these things with the controls on your pedals.

Chorus pedals usually come with at least two controls: rate and depth. The rate control allows you to make the wavering sound faster or slower. Depth controls how much effect you get and the number of additional voices created. This is great for adding thickness to your sound.

We also carry chorus pedals that, in addition to rate and depth, also let you adjust the effect’s level (or mix) as well as add filtering and tweak tone. Effect level controls how much you hear the effect relative to the guitar sound. You can, therefore, control the effect's volume. Filtering and tone allows you to adjusts the tonal balance of the chorus sound itself, allowing you to get more variety from your sound.

Having trouble deciding which chorus pedal to choose? Do you have any questions? Give our Sales Engineers a call and we'll be happy to help you with your exciting journey of sound discovery. Learn More

Questions about Chorus Pedals?

Questions about Chorus Pedals?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Questions about Chorus Pedals?

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