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Electronic Cymbal Pads

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Are you an electronic drum player looking to sound better and expand your drumming options? Look to Sweetwater for all your electronic cymbal pads! Here you can outfit your electronic drum kit to your heart's content.

Besides different types of drums, you also need cymbals for your electronic drum kit. Each has a unique function and quality. Our electronic cymbal pads are made to sound just like the real thing – they have a great dynamic response, allow for great performance, and sound amazingly realistic!

Because there are many different types of cymbals out there, there can be some cross-over when talking about individual cymbal types. Many cymbals can be said to belong to more than one category. To make things simpler, Sweetwater carries three different types of electronic cymbal pads, and if you aren't sure which one to choose, we're here to help you make the best choice for your particular needs.

Do you want versatility? Hi-hat electronic cymbals are the way to go. They can be played in a variety of ways which produce different sounds. If you keep the cymbals open and strike the top one, you get a sound which is similar to a single cymbal, and if you keep them close, you get a short and quieter sound. They can also be mounted in various ways so a foot pedal is not necessary.

Need a way to keep a steady beat? Sweetwater also carries several ride cymbals which are an important basic element to any drum set. Ride cymbals are usually single cymbals, with the most common diameter being 12 inches, although the size can range from 9.5 to 18 inches. You mount these on your cymbal stand for a sustained ring sound which oscillates and resonates for a time when struck.

Another type of electronic cymbal pad we offer is the crash cymbal pad. Couple these with ride cymbals to provide a crashing emphasis at certain points in your music. The sound produced by crash cymbals is sharp and dies away quickly.

Sweetwater carries a range of amazing electronic cymbal pads, so you’ll find everything you need right here - whether you’re looking to replace an existing cymbal or building an electronic drum set from scratch! We have prices tailored to every budget and only carry brands we've tried and tested ourselves. If you are unsure which electronic cymbal pad would perfectly suit your needs, call our Sales Engineers - they’re impeccably trained and more than happy to point you in the right direction.

Questions about Electronic Cymbal Pads?

Questions about Electronic Cymbal Pads?

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Questions about Electronic Cymbal Pads?

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