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Miscellaneous Guitar Amp Accessories

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If you're a guitar player, Sweetwater is the place to go when you're searching for that miscellaneous item for your guitar amp. We carry a huge selection of guitar amp accessories for you to choose from.

When it comes to amp accessories, guitar speakers are an essential item players often look for. Choosing the right speaker to fit your style can be a challenging task, but here are a few quick tips. The first thing to think about is size. 12” speakers are the most popular size because they are great at delivering a wide range of sound, which is even more important when talking about the bass and low-mid frequencies. Sweetwater also carries 10” speakers which have a tighter mid-range and more punch in the sound they deliver. Are you a bass player looking for a more rounded tone? Then grab one of our 12” or 15” speakers! We also carry 8” speakers which don't provide the bass heft of larger speakers, but are still reliable at producing a satisfying sound. Deciding on a wattage rating is also a big part in choosing a speaker. The deciding factor here is what type of sound you are going for and how loud you normally play. With wattages ranging from quiet to raging, we have something for everyone.

Sweetwater also carries a range of preamp and power tubes. Preamp tubes are great for adding gain at the front end of the circuit, and power tubes create the power which is needed to drive a speaker.

As far as replacement parts go, we also carry pop-in casters and tone capsules. We stock load boxes, direct boxes, attenuators and speaker simulators. And of course, if you're looking for an amp driver, you'll find it right here.

Do you want to isolate your amp? We offer excellent amp isolation shields. Made from high-quality materials, these shields are portable and easily adjustable, providing dependable isolation for your amp.

Need a safe method for transporting your equipment? Here you will find many quality bags for safely storing and carrying your amp gear. Our bags are durable and convenient, which allows you to have your equipment with you whenever you need it.

Looking for a great footswitch? Sweetwater carries a variety of footswitches with amazing features. If you're a guitar player, you know the value of having convenient controls right at your toes. So if you want to get an even better sound, check out one of our footswitches. We also carry many pedals with various application possibilities.

Finally, if you want all your equipment to be hooked up right, look no further than our great selection of adapters.

Still not sure what amp accessory you need to make the most of your guitar's sound? Give our Sales Engineers a call. We'll help you figure it out!



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