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Acoustic Guitar Strings

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What type of strings will you put on your acoustic guitar? It's a critical decision for any guitarist. You have plenty of choices and all of them have their advantages and ability to impact your sound.

For you new players, the first step is matching your strings to your guitar. An acoustic guitar needs acoustic guitar strings, and we carry a few different varieties of acoustic guitar strings that you can choose from.

Sweetwater carries acoustic guitar strings made from phosphor bronze and strings that are made out of 80/20 bronze. The difference between phosphor bronze and 80/20 bronze strings is strictly tone based - there's no life expectancy difference there. The phosphor bronze strings give you a warm, rich, full-bodied tone and they sound pretty sweet. The 80/20 bronze strings deliver a brighter sound, perfect for country music, blues, jazz, and similar genres.

What about protective coating for your strings? Our acoustic guitar strings are available in normal and coated versions, which means that there is a special coating on the strings. This coating will make them corrode less quickly, repel dead skin, oil, dirt, and last a bunch longer. Among our coated acoustic guitar strings, we also carry treated strings which don't have anything physically wrapped over the strings. Instead, there is a treatment on the core of the string to help it reject different oils and dead skin.

Finally, take a look at the string gauge, which is the thickness of the string. When it comes to acoustic guitar strings, the most common string gauge is the light gauge. However, if you play and your hands get tired easily, they can hurt really bad after just a little while and take the fun out of playing. Fortunately, strings with a lighter or super-light gauge can help with that. They're a little easier to play. We also carry custom light acoustic guitar strings, which are between the extra light and light. Super light, custom light, and light strings all have a full, pleasant, and bright tone. If you've been playing for a long time, experiment with thicker medium strings, which will give you a bigger sound.

Keep your guitar in good shape by regularly changing out your acoustic guitar strings, at least every four to five months. Stock up now on a fresh pack of strings to keep your guitar sounding nice and easy to play! Many of our sets come in packages up to 12 more, so you can score a sweet deal and save by buying more than one set. Plus, you'll never find yourself stuck with a broken string and no replacement.

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Questions about Acoustic Guitar Strings?

Questions about Acoustic Guitar Strings?

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Questions about Acoustic Guitar Strings?

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