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Electronic Drums

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What is it about electronic drums that stirs our creativity? Is it the power of having a world's worth of percussion sounds at our fingertips? The convenience of practicing and recording at a whisper's volume? The flexibility to coax lifelike performances from our favorite virtual instruments and take them to the stage? Whatever you're looking for in your next electronic drum purchase, Sweetwater's kits, pads, and triggers, handpicked by our resident drummers, are sure to meet your needs.

If you want to create realistic drum performances in real time on a turnkey set of drums, Sweetwater's electronic drum sets are your best option. These are set up just like an acoustic kit, and so they provide a 1:1 playing experience for the most natural fills, grooves, and accents you can create. Our full electronic kits include pads to play on, a module to produce sounds, and a rack to mount it all up.

However, if you've already got an e-kit and just want to upgrade to better sounds and features, a standalone electronic drum module will make your kit feel like new and save you some bucks along the way. Likewise, if you have a good brain but find your latency or tracking lacking, upgrading your drum and cymbal pads will breathe new life into your performances.

Electronic drum kits aren't the only way to create convincing e-drum performances in real time. Electronic drum controllers are just as responsive as full kits and have great sounds baked in. Their big benefit is their portability - most of Sweetwater's drum controllers fit into a backpack for grab-and-go convenience. Several units even accommodate drum pedals, giving you precision that rivals what you can perform on an electronic set, but with portability you can take anywhere.

If you're a songwriter or beatmaker who wants to program beats to practice with or flesh out arrangements, you'll love where a drum machine can take your ideas. Whether you're an analog purist or a digital opportunist, Sweetwater has plenty of units to scratch your itch. One drum machine our guitar customers are particularly mad about is the BeatBuddy pedal, which grooves, fills, and accents on command and outputs directly into your amp as you jam.

Although headphones are fine for practice and recording applications, if you're playing with a band, you'll want a speaker system that can handle the fast transients and full-range sounds of your electronics. Sweetwater's drum amps are specially voiced to reproduce the deep bass of your kicks and cajons and the ear-tickling high end of cymbals and tambourines, with enough power to keep up with a combo.

Acoustic drummers: you, too, can enjoy all the benefits electronic drums have to offer without radically modifying your setup. By incorporating electronic drum pads into your kit or placing triggers on your drums themselves, you can trigger sounds through a live hardware drum module or software virtual instrument. Hybrid and triggered kits give you the acoustic response you're used to and the flexibility that only electronic drums can afford.

Still not sure what you're looking for? Let Sweetwater's expert Sales Engineers help you find the right gear for you! We have a great relationship with all of our electronic drum vendors - Roland, Yamaha, Korg, ddrum, Alesis, and more - and hands-on knowledge in helping our customers build the electronic drum setups of their dreams. We're also committed to giving you the best prices and shipping on the Web. That's just part of what you can expect from the Sweetwater Difference.
Questions about Electronic Drums?

Questions about Electronic Drums?

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Questions about Electronic Drums?

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