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The days are long gone when DJing just meant running a couple of decks and a mixer, and even modern DJ performance systems have started incorporating electronic music production elements. Today, beat production can mean anything from creating tracks for DJs to spin, to manipulating a tabletop full of synth modules to come up with new beats and grooves in front of a live crowd. No matter where or how you like to produce, Sweetwater has the sequencers, synths, samplers, and more that you need.

Traditionally, beat production began with a sampler or drum machine, such as the legendary Akai MPC series. The MPC series has continued to evolve and grow in company of many other modern drum machines and samplers. Just like the rest of the DJ gear Sweetwater carries, we've found the most popular sampling beat-production setups are software/hardware hybrids, many of which bring DAW-style flexibility and hands-on control together. In fact, the most popular options from Akai, Ableton, Native Instruments, and Novation all tie into software platforms that let you easily create complete, performance-ready tracks.

On the standalone side, companies including Korg and Elektron make excellent all-hardware samplers and drum machines. Some of these hardware samplers and drum machines double as independent sequencers, making them ideal central hubs for tabletop synth rigs. The rise of Eurorack modular synthesis and other modern analog synth technology that uses control voltage (CV) rather than MIDI has made standalone sequencers extremely important once again for live electronic music production. Depending on how you build your beat production system, you may or may not need a sequencer. If you aren't sure, give your Sales Engineer a call, and we'll help you sort it out.

Great beat production begins with great sounds, and there's no better way to get great sounds than with a top-notch synthesizer. Between feature-rich digital synths and sonically flexible analog models, there's no end to the sounds you can create for both electronic music production and live performance. Sweetwater even includes amazing custom sounds and expansions for some of our most popular models, so if you're after amazing and rare sounds to spark your creativity, then you've come to the right place.

Alternatively, a solid MIDI controller will let you tap into the full creative potential of your favorite soft synths and virtual instruments. If you're beat production system is mostly in the box, then we'd recommend checking out our selection of MIDI controllers. Full-sized controller keyboards are perfect for studio production, whereas compact pad controllers such as Novation's Launchpad series are just what you need if you want to work your laptop into your live performance rig.

As you can see, there are a ton of gear options available to anyone who wants to lay down grooves and produce electronic music. Sweetwater keeps it all in stock and ready to ship, so your new beat production system could be just a day or two away.
Questions about Beat Production?

Questions about Beat Production?

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Questions about Beat Production?

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