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Acoustic Guitar Gig Bags

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Those of you who play local gigs or use a studio for rehearsal will find relief from a solid acoustic guitar gig bag.

What makes a good acoustic guitar gig bag? First things first, look at the stitching, make sure that it's even and dense. Then assess the quality of the zippers - good quality zippers will be tough, well built, and easy to slide. The interior also has to be of top quality so that your guitar's strings don't get caught in the material. A great guitar bag will have an extra protector added inside in order to keep the inside from ripping.

Acoustic guitar bags also have dense foam to protect your guitar. The denser the foam, the safer your guitar and less likely it is to tear.

Don't forget about the nice, thick padding at the bag's bottom. That will keep your guitar in place, safe, and prevent it from getting damaged when you set the bag down with it inside. The neck is the most delicate part of your guitar, so get a gig bag with neck protection, too.

Our acoustic guitar gig bags include bridge protectors and string protectors. These protectors keep your bag and your guitar from getting torn to pieces. You're welcome.

It's not just about the guitar. You'll be lugging this thing around, so you want to find a gig bag that eases the load on you. You'll notice the straps and connectors on our bags are made out of high-quality plastic or metal. They're tough so your bag will last a long, long time.

For a great level of comfort, make sure that the bag is well balanced, so it's easy for you to carry it. The same goes for the back straps and handles - especially when you have to walk a while from the car to the venue with your acoustic guitar, the gig bag has to be as comfy and smooth as possible.

Besides comfort, you'll also want protection. A nice bonus feature is an acoustic guitar bag with a reflective surface. These help you be seen at night when you're out on the street, carrying your instrument.

Of course, you'll also want a bunch of pockets for all your acoustic guitar accessories, such as a pocket for your sheet music, a pocket to put your picks and smaller stuff in, and so on. Some of our acoustic guitar bags include a special pocket to lock your straps in, so they're not dangling around.

Still not sure which gig bag to get for your acoustic guitar? Give our Sales Engineers a call. We're all musicians over here. We'll help you choose the bag to keep your acoustic guitar safe from venue to venue, from your home studio to the local bar.

Questions about Acoustic Guitar Gig Bags?

Questions about Acoustic Guitar Gig Bags?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Questions about Acoustic Guitar Gig Bags?

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