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Miscellaneous Mic Accessories

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There is nothing like the sound of a great voice captured through a great microphone. But the unsung heroes of every recording session are all of the miscellaneous mic accessories that work in concert to do the unseen jobs. Mic accessories are responsible for firmly holding the mic, angling it just so, transporting the electrical signal to the preamp, and all the other little things that nobody thinks about. When you get down to it, all those mic accessories are just as important as the microphone itself. What good is a state of the art, meticulously engineered transducer if you can't get it to face your sound source properly?

Microphone accessories represent all those little pieces that you don't know you need until you need them. An obvious one is a good mic cable. Same with mic clips. Did you know that there are quite a few microphones that don't use a standard clip? If you try to make do with a mismatched clip, you risk having your mic hit the floor. Even the screw on end of a mic stand boom can come in a couple different sizes. If it doesn't match your clip, you are going to need an adaptor. While we're on the subject of stands cable management, or more accurately lack thereof, a handful of snap on plastic cable clips will totally make your life easier. Sometimes it's the little things.

Do you have a microphone that just doesn't sound as good as it used to? We carry replacement capsules for many microphone brands and models. That also goes for mics with interchangeable capsules. Most people don't buy every available accessory capsules with their initial purchase. You just get the one or two you need now, but someday you'll finally want to pick up that figure of eight, or omni capsule. Either way, Sweetwater's got you covered!

At some point every recordist realizes they need to split the mic signal so it can be routed to two different processing chains. A common scenario is running one clean, putting the second line through a bit of distortion and blending the two together. In order to do that you need a splitter. This can be as simple as a small black box with an input on one side and two outputs on the other. On the other hand perhaps you need something a little more robust like a bank of eight inputs, each with three transformer isolated outputs, ground lift switches, and a level pad to reduce non-mic sources. We have those and everything in between.

From the tiniest screw to advanced signal routing we have every mic accessory you can think of. In fact, there are so many versions of mic accessories that you may not know exactly which one you need. Never fear! Our Sales Engineers are always ready to help you sort it out. Simply give us a call and tell us what you're trying to do. We will guide you to the correct microphone accessory and get you on your way.



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