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Performing your best onstage requires that you hear yourself properly. That's why Sweetwater offers a wide selection of live sound monitoring tools that help you get the best results possible - plus the knowledge and resources that will help you make an informed choice.

Do you play with a full band onstage? Then a monitor speaker may be perfect for the way you perform. Stage monitor loudspeakers project your personal mix from the floor. This design cuts down on visual clutter; it also aims the sound at the performer while minimizing microphone feedback. If you play in loud environments with a band or enjoy the open sound afforded by stage volume, then monitor speakers make a great choice. They're also relatively affordable and easy to place and manage. Go to "Stage Monitors" and find out more.

Perfect for solo performers and bands alike, in-ear monitoring systems are required equipment if your performances require a click track or backing tracks. Personal mixers and in-ear monitors allow for an incredible level of control over what you hear onstage. Being able to dial in the sound sources you want at the levels you choose means you can go anywhere on the stage or platform and maintain your mix. Most in-ear monitors provide a degree of isolation from outside sound, so you always hear your mix clearly. If your environment requires you to keep volume levels down onstage or in your church, then in-ears are essential for your band or worship team. We stock personal monitoring systems that range all the way from entry level to pro.

Are you a performing drummer or a live sound engineer? Then choosing the right set of headphones is important for both accurate sound and isolation from outside sources. Closed-back designs allow for a comfortable fit and outstanding isolation, so you hear your personal mix (or monitor the live mix) as clearly and cleanly as possible. To properly feed the mix to the performers' headphones or in-ear monitors, quality headphone amplifiers or distributors are absolutely necessary. They maintain the signal integrity and offer volume control.

Loud stages and venues require proper hearing protection. Unless you're using in-ears or headphones for live sound monitoring, earplugs are a must. At Sweetwater, you'll find everything from inexpensive, universal-fit earplugs to professional units with active attenuation. Onstage or in the audience, you'll enjoy the music more when the sound levels are under control.

In addition to all these great live sound monitoring solutions, we stock the cables, cases, replacement parts, and accessories you need. You won't find a better source for your onstage monitoring gear than Sweetwater. We'll help you find the exact product you need, and we'll stand behind it with our free, exclusive 2-year warranty. And thanks to our fast and free shipping, you'll get your monitoring gear in time for the gig!
Questions about Live Sound Monitoring?

Questions about Live Sound Monitoring?

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Questions about Live Sound Monitoring?

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