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Despite the advent of digital music and CDs, vinyl has remained popular among audiophiles. If you're into vinyl, you can find everything you need right here, from turntables to cartridges to slipmats.

When it comes to turntables and all of their fun accessories, there's a lot to choose from. Are you an audiophile? Most audiophiles prefer belt drive turntables because the rubber belt absorbs shock, which minimizes noise. On the other hand, most DJs prefer direct drive turntables because you can rotate the platter without damaging the turntables, making it easy to get interesting sound effects.

Turntables can be either manual or automatic. Manual turntables require you to physically lift the tonearm and move it onto the record, while automatic turntables allow you to simply push a button. Manual turntables are usually preferred by experienced music lovers, while automatic turntables are best suited for novice users.

The cartridge is also an important part of the turntable mix. Generally, a cartridge connects the tonearm and holds the stylus, and if it is old and worn out, it can affect your sound quality and cause wear to your records. Many turntables we carry already come with a cartridge, but if you want to keep your old turntable, we also sell cartridges separately. When buying a new cartridge, make sure you select one that will be compatible with your tonearm's mount type.

What about styli? You know, that needle on the tonearm that actually comes in contact with the record. At Sweetwater we offer styli in various shapes and sizes. Most modern ones are made from diamond. Spherically shaped styli are usually more inexpensive, but you'll hear that price difference in their sound. Even so, spherical styli are still recommended for their ability to create various effects. Elliptical styli give greater fidelity and less record wear.

You can't talk turntables without vinyl. Made by the best brands out there, these records are a must have for any DJ! These are especially fun since they come in all colors and even glow-in-the-dark versions.

Finally, kit out your setup with a decent slipmat made of durable material. You're supposed to be scratching, not sliding, right?

Whatever turntables and extras you need, Sweetwater has the hottest deals on the best brands the pros trust. Many of our Sales Engineers have taken a spin as DJs, so if you've got a question about any of our turntable accessories, all you need to do is give us a quick call. Tell us about your DJ setup and we'll let you know how to outfit it for a stellar sound that makes the crowd go wild.


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