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Roland VS-2480 Copying Audio On A Track To Another Part Of The Song

One of the most common forms of editing that you will do on the VS recorders is what is called “Track Copy”. For example, this is useful for doing something like copying a recorded performance from one chorus to another chorus on the same track.


2. Press [PHRASE/REGION/AUTOMIX]on the right side of the TRACK EDIT area until the button turns RED. This puts the VS in REGION MODE.

3. Use your black [TIME/VALUE DIAL] to go to the point in the song where the beginning of the part/performance that you want to copy starts.

4. Use your [ARROW/CURSOR] buttons to select the track that you want to copy. The selected track will appear clear (or gray if you have a VGA monitor connected) while the other tracks will be shaded or dark.

It may be helpful at this point to “Zoom In” in order to get an expanded view of the track that you’re working with. Do this by pressing [SHIFT + ARROW UP] to zoom vertically, and [SHIFT + ARROW RIGHT] to zoom in horizontally.

5. Press [IN], in the TRACK EDIT section. This places an “In Point” at the beginning of the performance so that the VS knows where the performance you want to copy starts. An “In Point” will appear as a flag that points to the right above your PLAYLIST (tracks area).

6. Double check the location of your “In Point” by pressing [TO][THRU][FROM] buttons under the PREVIEW area right above the [STOP] and [PLAY] buttons.

Pressing [TO] will allow you to hear a second of audio before your “In Point”. Pressing [THRU] will allow you to hear a second before and after your “In Point”. And, pressing [FROM] will allow you to hear a second after your “In Point”.

If you are not happy with the “In Point” you’ve made, press [CLEAR + IN] to remove it. Then use your [TIME/VALUE DIAL] to move to another location and press [IN]to create a different “In Point”.

NOTE : This also works for the other points (like your OUT and TO Points)that you will have to create in the steps below.

7. Use your [TIME/VALUE DIAL]to move to the point of the song where the performance that you are copying ends. Press [OUT]to create an “Out Point”. A flag that points to the left will be placed at the top of your PLAYLIST.

8. Press [ENTER] to outline (or higlight) your selection that you are going to copy.

9. Use your [TIME/VALUE DIAL]to move to the point of the song where you want the performance that you’ve selected to be copied TO. For example if you’re copying from Chorus #1 of your song to Chorus #2 of your song, go to the point in the song where Chorus #2 starts.

10. Press [TO]. This will place a clear (or green) flag that points to the left at the top of your PLAYLIST.

11. Press [COPY]in the TRACK EDIT area. All TRACK EDIT buttons will turn OFF except [COPY]. Press [ENTER/YES].

12. A dialog box will pop-up on the screen that shows your selected IN, OUT, FROM, and TO points. You can use your [ARROW/CURSOR] and [TIME/VALUE DIAL] to make changes to the location times of any of the points you’ve already created if you want to.

NOTE : In this case, the [FROM]point time will be exactly the same as the [IN]point time.

13. Also in this dialog box you can select how many times you want your selection to be copied by changing the number in the TIMES area. For example, if you were copying a performance that needed to repeat over and over again at the end of the song, this is where you’d tell the VS how many times you want that performance to be copied at the [TO] point.

14. Press [ENTER/YES].

15. Congratulations!! Now the performance has been copied to the new location.

16. NOTE : To copy multiple tracks at once do the following : After completing step #8 above for a single track, use your [ARROW/CURSOR] buttons to move to other tracks, and then press [ENTER/YES] to select them as well.

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