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Eurorack Accessories

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Designing your own Eurorack system offers extended customization that pre-built units simply cannot match. In addition to the assorted modules that are available, individual Eurorack accessories such as power blocks and interior structure allow you to take control down to the finest detail. Your primary build will consist of a strong frame and a specific module lineup, but fine tuning your smaller pieces will be another key difference in what separates your unit from the standards available.

You can design your Eurorack system down to the smallest detail, but without a proper power supply you'll be stuck with nothing more than a new decoration. Recognizing your power needs and whether or not you expect a future increase can be vital to identifying the right power adapter. A 15-volt adapter is functional for smaller needs, but has clear limitations. Upgrading to a higher voltage adapter (upwards of 240V) will allow you to power 400+ horizontal pitch on standard Eurorack modules.

Connecting your assorted modules to new power supplies does not have to be a cumbersome task. Your first step is to find the right power supply bus. Purchasing the right passive distributors lets you connect multiple modules to a single power source. If you need to further distribution, another set of cables allows you to meet any needs without utilizing a separate power supply.

If you are going to join many other Eurorack system builders in choosing to use Z-Rails for mounting, then you will first need to find the proper ear set for foundation. Z-Ears are built to secure the standard 19 inch racks while providing a clean look and durable build. They come in assorted color designs, so you can develop just the right look for your own personal Eurorack system. Z-Rails themselves have become a staple for a number of builders. The rails fit the 19 inch frame with 84 horizontal pitch of mounting space, and provide a secure fit for any modules with remarkably simple installation. Ease of use and extended reliability have made Z-rails a favorite in structure.

An easy solution if you are not entirely sure of the specifications is to pursue a kit designed for both structure and power. Rather than searching for power and frame, a kit includes a set of Eurorack accessories, often consisting of Z-Rails (and matching Z-Ears) in addition to a power adapter, power distributors, and multiple ribbon bus boards. Experienced builders may find the lack of personalization to be underwhelming, but the kit is a fantastic starting point for new entrants.

If you are disappointed by the effects of your Z-DSP module to this point, the answer may be as simple as exchanging one cartridge for another. Sweetwater carries the variety you need to fine tune the module to your desires. Cartridges ranging from reverbs, clocked delays, and chorus to many more will allow you to manipulate your Eurorack module to desired specifications. Sweetwater offers a large selection of Eurorack accessories, and our synth gurus-turned-Sales-Engineers are ready to help you pick the right gear!

Questions about Eurorack Accessories?

Questions about Eurorack Accessories?

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Questions about Eurorack Accessories?

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