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Recording News

A Designs Mix Factory 16-channel Summing Mixer Demo

Mix engineer and producer Tony Shepperd presents the A Designs Mix Factory summing mixer. The Mix Factory takes a fresh approach to analog summing, delivering analog warmth with the depth and imaging needed to make... Read more »

Essential Mastering Plug-ins Every Studio Should Have

Mastering is the final step to attaining a professional-sounding recording. It's the glue that makes a record sound like a record; it creates consistency across an album, and it prepares your music for distribution... Read more »

Best Vocal Mics for Metal

When it comes to mics for recording metal vocals, the requirements are pretty different from mics for recording female pop divas or Americana folk music. While lots of studio mics tout their smooth top end... Read more »

7 Oddest Recording Techniques You Need to Try

Think about this for a second: someone had to be the first person to eat a lobster. (Don't worry, this is going somewhere.) They had to think, "Yum, this big sea bug just might be good to eat." The point is, there... Read more »

Remembering Chris Cornell

In September 1989, I was in LA as a panelist at the sold-out Concrete Foundations Forum — an annual event and the world's first exclusively heavy metal industry convention. On the evening of September 23, one of the... Read more »

Getting a Live Show Sound in the Studio

As more people record in smaller spaces, such as bedrooms and bonus rooms, the ability to capture a "big room" recording studio sound becomes challenging. Putting up room mics and capturing the ambience of an Abbey... Read more »

3 Tips for Getting a Great Performance in the Studio

There have been many a scroll passed down through the ages on "How To Get A Great Vocal Sound" or "...Drum Sound"…or...fill in the blank. But often overlooked is information on how to get a great performance out of... Read more »

Free Stem Mastering Seminar with Mike Wells

Dangerous Music and Sweetwater are proud to present a unique opportunity to learn stem mastering from a pro! The event will be streaming live on May 13, 2017, at 2pm EDT, free of charge. (A free Puremix membership... Read more »

5 Vocal Recording Mistakes You May Be Making

Everybody wants a great vocal sound on their recording, right? Most engineers can give you tips for techniques you should use, but there are some things that you will definitely want to avoid - details that are... Read more »

Interview: Devin Townsend

At Sweetwater, we try to get to know every one of our customers personally. It turns out, some of them are a pretty big deal in the music industry. They're also some of the coolest people we know. Do you want to... Read more »

Sound Devices MixPre Series Overview

Paul Isaacs from Sound Devices presents the MixPre series of audio recorders/mixers/USB audio interfaces. And even though these portable recorders fit in the palm of your hand, they offer a lot of power under the... Read more »

Making of Sweetwater’s Vocal Mic Shootout

Sweetwater's Lynn Fuston explains what went into Sweetwater's unprecedented vocal mic shootout. The best way to compare mics is by hearing them! That's why we collected 50 mics in Sweetwater's Studio A and recorded... Read more »

Behind the Scenes: Creating the Vocal Mic Shootout

When Sweetwater first considered doing the microphone comparison that we're calling the Sweetwater Vocal Mic Shootout, we knew we'd have to pull out all the stops to do it right. The most important part of any gear... Read more »

Parallel Compression Explained

It sounds kind of geeky and high tech, like one of those techniques that you've read about but haven't really felt the need to try — possibly because you aren't completely sure what it is or when you might need to... Read more »

iZotope RX 6 Demo

Mitch Gallagher joins Geoff Manchester from iZotope for a thorough demonstration of RX 6 audio editing/restoration software. This indispensable tool has been dubbed the "photo editor of the audio world," renowned... Read more »

Spirit of the ’76

How today's compressor manufacturers are covering a classic. The quintessential FET compressor. It gave us the dramamine-inducing meter dance of the "all-button mode." It's the mysterious signal processing device... Read more »

Audient iD4 Audio Interface Review

Mitch Gallagher presents the Audient iD4 audio interface. Packing large-format console performance into a petite desktop chassis, the Audient iD4 audio interface fortifies your studio with one of Audient's renowned... Read more »

Best Mics for Recording Rap Vocals

Neumann U 87 The Neumann U 87 is an industry-standard condenser mic and has been for years because of its signature sound. The familiar look and sound of the U 87 have made it an engineer's and producer's top pick... Read more »

Live Monitoring 102: How to Use In-ear Monitors (Continued)

This is a continuation of the first video, Live Monitoring 101: How to Use In-ear Monitors, which you can view here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKU9LbMOV20 Being able to hear yourself is critical for a great... Read more »

Get Your Free Copy of Band:Smart

Want to know everything about everything related to bands and making it in the music business? Then you must check out Martin Atkins' acclaimed Band:Smart book — and we've got it for you completely FREE of... Read more »

JBL 7 Series Master Reference Monitors Overview

Mitch Gallagher presents the JBL 7 Series of reference monitors. For music production, post and broadcast, JBL 7 series of active studio monitors make it easier to achieve a superior monitoring experience in your... Read more »

28 Best Pro Tools Shortcuts You Should Know

So you have Pro Tools. Have you figured out how to cut, copy, paste, play, record, and return to zero without ever touching the mouse? Or maybe you've mastered Command+F for fades or Command+E for separating clips... Read more »

Best Amplifiers for Studio Headphones

It's a fact — musicians and engineers need superior sound quality. After all, if you can't hear the music, you can't perform, track, or mix. Most engineers use monitors in the studio. Studio monitors are driven by a... Read more »

Mackie Big Knob Series Overview

Matt Herrin from Mackie presents the Big Knob series of monitor controllers and audio interfaces. The Mackie Big Knob Passive monitor controller provides switching between two sets of inputs and two sets of studio... Read more »