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How do I use Model12’s outputs?

Each part in Model12 has its own audio output option. By default, all parts are assigned to MAIN, which is sent to the output of the Model12 instrument track. You can, however, change the output to any of the six stereo aux outputs.

To use Model12’s multiple outputs, you’ll need to open Digital Performer’s Bundles window to the Instruments tab. Here, you can create bundles for Model12’s outputs. Model12’s outputs correspond to the bundles as follows:

  • 3-4: Send 1
  • 5-6: Send 2
  • 7-8: Aux 1
  • 9-10: Aux 2
  • 11-12: Aux 3
  • 13-14: Aux 4
  • 15-16: Aux 5
  • 17-18: Aux 6

You would then create aux tracks in your sequence, and choose those instrument bundles as the input. To assign each part to its own discrete output:

  • Assign part 1 to Aux 1 and pan it hard left
  • Assign part 2 to Aux 1 and pan it hard right
  • Assign part 3 to Aux 2 and pan it hard left

… and so on with each part.

For Send 1 and Send 2, you can turn up each send independently on each part.

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