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American Vintage 2

Exciting news! Fender has launched the completely redesigned and reimagined Vintage Series! Everything about these guitars is new — the necks, the bodies, the finishes, the hardware, the pickups, the cases, and even the case accessories! These are not simply new versions of an old series; they’re an entirely new line, representing a new beginning.

In addition to new versions of the classic, there are also additional models. Fender specs changed a lot in their formative years, and many of these guitars have specific feature sets that Fender hasn’t offered before that have been held dear by many players.

Primary feature upgrades of the new American Vintage instruments include:

  • New model years
  • New custom-voiced pickups for all models, voiced to vintage reference samples
  • New hardware with heightened accuracy
  • New neck shapes
  • New all-lacquer finishing process for improved tone and resonance
  • Improved accuracy and detail on body, neck, and headstock radii and dimensions
  • New thinner, lighter, vintage-correct case
  • Replica “case candy” reproduction literature and accessories for each model year
  • Improved accuracy of colors and sunbursts for each vintage year
  • New features, such as round-laminated fretboards (’65 Strat), bound necks with oversize pearloid dots (’65 Jaguar and Jazzmaster), and more

Check out these all-new American Vintage Tele models:

Here’s the Strat side of the street:

Maybe a Jag’s more your speed:

On the jazzier side:

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