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Latest Buying Guides

Allen & Heath dLive Buying Guide

dLive Handles the Most Demanding Live Situations It's clear that when Allen & Heath designed the dLive, they had set their sights on building the ultimate digital mixing system. They didn't want to be hampered... Read more »

Allen & Heath Qu Series Buying Guide

The Qu series of digital mixers is Allen & Heath's answer to the call for a powerful live sound mixing system with convenient recording and playback solutions, iPad control, and flexible I/O options. These mixers... Read more »

How to Choose a Korg Tuner

If you're searching for a tuner, you'll find what you need among the many tuner offerings from Korg. They've been building electronic tuners for over 40 years and still lead the industry by innovative design of... Read more »

Mic Stands and Accessories Buying Guide

There's an almost overwhelming selection of microphone stands and mic stand accessories on the market, and looking at the hundreds of options available at Sweetwater may leave you wondering where to start. That's... Read more »

Boost, Overdrive, Distortion, and Fuzz Pedal Buying Guide

With so many boost, overdrive, distortion, and fuzz pedals for electric guitar on the market, it's easy to get overwhelmed when considering options, so we put together this guide to offer some perspective on their... Read more »

Studio Desk/Workstation Buying Guide

Choosing the Best Studio Desk or Workstation While most producers and engineers put a lot of thought into microphones, preamps, consoles, and other gear, your choice of studio desk or workstation has a huge impact... Read more »

Native Instruments Traktor Buying Guide

As DJ gear has evolved and the line between DJs and producers has blurred over the past decade, Native Instruments has been on the forefront of the tools and technology of the trade. Many of the DJs here at... Read more »

Pro Tools Upgrade Chart

Pro Tools 12. The time to upgrade is now! Have you seen all the cool new productivity-enhancing features in Pro Tools 12? If you have, you know that there's never been a better time to upgrade. Sweetwater has teamed... Read more »

Mic Preamp Buying Guide

How to Choose a Mic Preamp Along with the musician and the microphone, your choice of microphone preamplifier will play a significant role in the final sound of your productions. And while the basic purpose of a mic... Read more »

Studio Monitors Buying Guide

How to Choose Studio Monitors Your studio monitor speakers need to provide the most accurate, uncolored representation of your music as possible. Whether you're recording, editing, mixing, or mastering audio, a... Read more »

The Bose L1 Story

Bose L1 PA systems are modular, portable, convenient — and great sounding! They set up in minutes and deliver crisp, balanced sound to audiences of up to 500. Bose's articulated line array exhibits less SPL drop-off... Read more »

Avid Pro Tools 101 Buying Guide

The Industry-standard DAW Welcome to the exciting world of Avid Pro Tools! Whether you use Pro Tools to record songs on your laptop, or a full-blown Pro Tools | HDX rig in a high-end recording studio, Pro Tools is... Read more »

Avid Pro Tools | HD Buying Guide

Stepping Into the Big Leagues Pro Tools is the industry-standard software production platform for sound work, especially for mobile use, students, or musicians on a budget; however, if you want to use what major... Read more »

Avid Pro Tools Software Buying Guide

A Production Powerhouse! When Pro Tools first hit the recording scene in 1991, it took the industry by storm, by 1997 it completely transformed it, and by the turn of the century it dominated it. You'll be... Read more »

Studio Microphone Buying Guide

How to choose a studio microphone Professional recording engineers know that creative microphone selection is an essential ingredient in every great recording. If you're new to recording, however, the subject of... Read more »

Sennheiser Wireless Mics Buying Guide

There are many reasons why you'll see Sennheiser wireless systems being used for big-name broadcast events - they're reliable and sound great, and the systems are incredibly flexible. Sennheiser has been a leader in... Read more »

Live Sound Microphone Buying Guide

How to choose a live sound microphone A microphone is the first link, and perhaps the most important link, in the audio chain that transmits your voice and music to your audience. With hundreds of models available... Read more »

Line 6 Multi-effects Buying Guide

Every guitarist is on the quest for perfect tone. It's a journey that usually entails a very loud lifelong search, thousands of dollars of gear, and hour upon hour of checking out other players' rigs, scanning... Read more »

Shure MOTIV Microphones Buying Guide

How to Choose the Best Mic for Your Needs Shure's MOTIV digital microphones and mobile-ready recording devices offer artists, video content creators, and podcasters an array of useful hardware for capturing quality... Read more »

Drumsticks Buying Guide

How to Choose the Best Drumsticks for You Like a golfer who wouldn't use his driver on the green, a great drummer would probably never use heavy sticks at a jazz show. One pair of sticks can't do it all. In fact... Read more »

Audio-Technica System 10 Wireless Buying Guide

How to Choose the Right System for Your Needs If you're a performing musician, presenter, or content creator, Audio-Technica's System 10 wireless system gives you advanced 24-bit digital operation, quick setup, and... Read more »

Martin Strings Buying Guide

Martin designs their strings as they design their guitars — with maximum performance, exacting tone, and playability in mind. C.F. Martin and Company knows what guitar players need and demand. After all... Read more »

DPA Headset Buying Guide

How to Choose the Perfect DPA Headset Microphone For years, live sound and broadcast professionals at Sweetwater have trusted the quality and performance of DPA headset microphones. When selecting the right headset... Read more »

Royer Mics Buying Guide

You'll Capture Every Detail with Royer Ribbon Mics Recording engineers have always prized ribbon microphones for their unique sound qualities, and Royer ribbon mics are the first choice of many world-class engineers... Read more »