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How do I upgrade Studio One Version 1 to Version 2?

1. Log in to your PreSonus user account at http://studioone.presonus.com/registration, and click on My Software.
2. Find the listing for your copy of Studio One Artist or Pro version 1. Under this listing, you will see an Upgrade Software link.
3. Click on the Upgrade Software link, and then enter your Studio One version 2 Upgrade product key, and click on Submit.
4. You will then be presented with a list of links to download the Studio One 2 installer and the relevant bundled content.

*If you are connected to the internet, simply download and install Studio One 2, and then use the Studio One Installation menu to download and install the content from within Studio One.
*Otherwise, download the content as well, and copy it to the machine where Studio One 2 is installed, and drag and drop it onto the Start page to install.
*If you have the Studio One 2 retail package, installing the content from the included DVD’s will be easiest.

Note that Studio One version 1 will remain as a separate listing under My Software, with your new copy of Studio One 2 being added to the list.

Important Information:

* Studio One version 2 can be installed to the same location as Studio One version 1 without issue. They are totally separate applications.
* Studio One version 2 can open any version 1 document. Once saved in version 2, however, the document cannot be opened in version 1 again. When opening version 1 files in version 2, a pop-up warning will remind you of this.

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