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Troubleshooting Guide: Antelope Orion 32 with Pro Tools

Before you do anything, please make sure Pro Tools is closed and you have the latest Orion³² software installed.

Factory Reset:screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-11-57-03-am
  1. Press and hold the Antelope button
  2. Press the 1,” button
  3. Press the Antelope button again.
General Tips:
  • Whether your on a Mac or PC, Pro Tools does not like to share devices with the operating system. Make sure Orion³² is NOT selected in Sound Preferences/Sound/Audio Devices (Pro Tools doesn’t like to share devices) either in System Effects, Output or Input.
  • Try another USB port or even a different USB cable.
  • Disconnect all other USB devices while troubleshooting. It’s OK to have other USB devices connected but removing them while you’re troubleshooting simplifies the setup and gives the Orion³² the maximum amount of resources possible.
Pro Tools Tips:
  • Trash Pro Tools Preferences
  • Close the Orion Control Panel and launch Pro Tools. Under Setup go the the Playback Engine and make sure the box is not selected that says for “Ignore Errors During Playback/Record. Start with a buffer of around 256 or 512.
  • Create a new session at 96k and Pro Tools will tell the Orion³² to switch rates automatically to 96K. (old sessions can have old preferences that cause them not to play or record.
Mac Users:
  • Open finder, and while holding the option key, open the “Go” menu and open the Library folder (if you are running an older OS than Lion, you can find this folder in your home folder). Next, open the Preferences folder and delete the DAE preferences folder within.
  • Clear your Mac cache by booting the mac in “safe mode.” This can be done by holding the shift key when you hear the “chime” sound when your computer starts up. Once your computer starts up, reboot normally.
  • Now you want to repair the disk permissions by opening the Disk Utility located in Applications/Utilities. In newer operating systems this is called “First Aid”.
  • Zap the PRAM
Windows Users:
  • Open My Computer, C:\Program Files (x86)\Avid\Pro Tools. Delete the databases folder. Next, go to My Computer, C:\Program Files (x86)\Avid\Pro Tools\DAE. Delete the DAE Prefs folder. Next, click Start. In the search box, type %appdata% and click on the roaming folder in the search results. In the Roaming folder, go to Avid\Pro Tools and delete all of the files in there.
  • Make sure the Orion³² is not set to your system audio device.
  • Close the Orion Control Panel and launch Pro Tools. Under the Setup menu, open Playback Engine. Be sure that the box labeled “Ignore Errors During Playback/Record” is NOT selected. Start with a buffer size of around 256 or 512.
  • Create a new session in Pro Tools and set the sampling rate to 96kHz. Pro Tools will tell Orion³² to switch rates automatically.

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