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Troubleshooting Quick Tips for your Orion 32 on a Mac

If you’re having issues with your Orion 32 on a Mac, try out these general troubleshooting tips:

  • It is highly recommended that you’re running Mac OSX Mountain Lion. Orion 32 drivers are optimized for this operating system.
  • Make sure the Orion 32 is not selected in any of the Sound preferences. To open Sound preferences, click the Apple menu in the top left corner of your screen and select System Preferences. Within that window, select Sound. Check within the Input, Output, and Sound Effects tabs to make sure the Orion 32 is not selected.
  • Make sure the Orion 32 is not selected in Messages (or iChat if you pre-Mountain Lion). Open the preferences in the Messages app and makes sure Messages is not using Orion 32. Messages sometimes works in the background even when it isn’t open and can cause sample rate issues with the Orion 32.
  • Try a different USB port. Some ports work better than others due to the fact that certain components (keyboards, trackpads, webcams) within your Mac are tied to some of the USB ports, but not all of them. When you do this, uninstall the Orion 32 drivers, move to a different USB port, and reinstall. When you find the port that works the best, remember which one it is and keep using it.
  • Try a factory reset on the Orion 32. You can do this by holding the Antelope button and the Preset 1 button together until the screen says Factory Reset.
  • If you’re using Pro Tools, try trashing your preferences. If you’re not sure how, click here.
  • Empty your Trash. Your files aren’t really deleted until you empty the Trash. If your Trash has a lot of items in it, you hard drive could become fragmented.
  • Try repairing your disk permissions. If you’re not sure how, click here.
  • Try verifying your disk. You can do this using Disk Utility found in Applications > Utilities. If there are errors, boot from your OS disc or recovery partition (if you have Lion or later) and use the Disk Utility to repair your disk.

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