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Focusrite Scarlett MixControl Tutorial – The Routing Section

This section controls what is sent to each physical output. The outputs for the interface are listed as well as the source for each output.

Routing preset button – This changes the routing to a convenient preset that might be useful. ‘DAW tracking’ routesDAW 1 and 2 to all analogue output pairs and is useful if you like to monitor through your DAW. ‘Zero Latency Tracking’ routes Mix 1 to all analogue output pairs and is useful if you wish to blend between DAW outputs and inputs to your Scarlett.

Output source – This is the output source for the destination to its right. Clicking on this allows the output to be switched between analogue inputs, DAW outputs or mixes which can blend the two and are controlled using the mixer section.

Output destination – This lists all of the available output destinations for your Scarlett. Outputs with a headphone icon indicate headphone outputs.


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