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Focusrite Scarlett MixControl Tutorial – The Mixer Channel

Each mix allows analogue and digital inputs to be blended together with software outputs before being routed to a physical output. Each mixer channel consists of the following.

Mixer channel input – This controls the input for the respective input channel.This can be a physical input or a DAWoutput and can be changed by clicking on the current input name.

Pan control – This controls the amount of the signal sent to the left and right channels of the mix. Double-clicking on this control will centre the control and send an equal amount of the signal to the left and right channels.

Fader – The controls the level of the signal in that particular mix.

Graphic meter – This displays the level of the signal in dBFS before the fader. This can be a useful way to monitor the input signal. If the signal has clipped it will display a red bar at the top of the meter. To remedy this, lower the gain and click on the red bar.

Channel mono/stereo toggle switch – This will switch the channel between one stereo channel and two stereo channels.

Level meter – From left to right: Gain applied by fader (dB); Maximum level (dBFS); Current level (dBFS).

PFL button – This routes only the selected channel to the monitor outputs until it is pushed again.

Solo button – This solos the selected channel in the mix.

Mute button – This mutes the selected channel in the mix.

Channel name – This is the name of the channel. This can be changed by clicking on it.


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