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The correct inputs and outputs aren’t available in my ProTools sessions. How do I reset my IO Setup?

When creating a new Pro Tools session, the default I/O Setup is “Last Used.” That uses the input and output labels from the last opened session. If the previous session was a demo session or a session created with a different interface, the input and output labels will not match with the current interface. Read below to learn how to reset your Pro Tools I/O setup.

Resetting Pro Tools I/O

Step 1: Assign Playback Engine

In ProTools 9 and later, go to Setup > Playback Engine and confirm that the Playback Engine (driver) is set to your audio interface.

Step 2: Reset I/O Labels

Go to the Setup > IO Setup.

Note: Before proceeding any further, we suggest to use the Export Settings button to save your current IO settings. If they’ve been exported, we will always be able reload them to your session.

2. Go to the Input tab.

3. Select all paths on the screen (Command-A on a Mac or Control-A on PC)

4. Click Delete Path. (Pro Tools will warn you they’re in use, go ahead and delete them anyway.)

5. Then, click Default.

Now, repeat steps 3 – 5 for the Output and Bus tabs.

Viola! Your Pro Tools I/O settings have been reset! You will notice that the input and output options have changed and now match your current audio interface. Make sure to assign the inputs and outputs on each of your tracks, as they will likely read “no input” and “no output.” We recommend to save, or export, these new setting for backup and future use.


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