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The correct inputs and outputs aren’t available in my ProTools sessions. How do I reset my IO Setup?

When creating a new ProTools session, the default IO Setup is “Last Used.” That bases the input and output labels for the new session on the last opened session’s inputs and outputs. If the previous session was a demo session or a session created with a different interface, the input and output labels will not match the current interface.

1. In ProTools 9 and later, go to Setup menu>Playback Engine and confirm that the Current Engine (driver) is set to your current audio interface.

2. To reset the input/output labels:

  1. Go to the Setup menu>IO Setup
  2. Go to the Input tab.
  3. Select all the paths on the screen (Command-A on a Mac or Control-A on PC or hold shift and click each one)
  4. Click Delete Path. It will warn you they’re in use, go ahead and delete them anyway.
  5. Then Click Default on the screen.
  6. Repeat those steps on the Output and Buss tabs.

3. In the Outputs Tab, set the Audition Path to your main stereo output.

Note: it’s often suggested to use the Export Settings button to save these for ease of importing. If they’ve been exported, they’ll also be available in the new session dialog.

After resetting the IO Setup, you’ll need to set the inputs and outputs on your tracks, as they’ll all currently read “no input” and “no output.”

Tip: On ProTools HD and HD Native systems, users get very general IO names. It’s often recommended that users name those with path names that give useful information as to the sources and destinations of the paths, and then Export Settings.


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