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How can I import ProTools Sessions into Logic Audio Platinum?

There are a few easy ways to accomplish this:

If by chance the engineer “consolidated” the files to measure 1 in ProTools, they should all be the same size. (“Consolidating” is the PT term for creating a new audio file – you can select the entire session and make each track have one long region. In Logic, this would be done by bouncing one track at a time.) If the files associated with each session are all the exact same length, they may have consolidated them. Simply add them to the Logic session, all with the same start time.

If not, you can use PT Free or borrow a friend’s PT system for a short time. If the track count for the songs is high, try to find a TDM system. For brevity, I will assume you are using some sort of PT LE system. The TDM instructions would be the same.

Follow these instructions for each session:
1. Open the ProTools session. If the total track count is allowed by the version of PT you are using (24 for PT Free, 32 for PT LE), the session should open as normal. If the track count exceeds the limit, a window will open, telling you what tracks have been left out, and asking you if you want to save this info. SAVE IT.
2. You should now have a session in front of you consisting of 24/32 tracks. Immediately do a “save as” to denote the new session you are working with.
3. The easiest method is to “consolidate” the tracks so they all start at measure 1.
4. Select all of the audio in the session. the easiest way to do this is with the cursor tool (to the left of the hand tool). In the grey “bar and beat” ruler, select a point that is after the end of the song (to the right of the last region), hold “shift” and hit “return”. This should select all of the regions in the session. There are many other ways to select all, as well.
5. “Consolidate” the files by hitting “Shift+Option+3”, or by going to the Edit menu and finding “Consolidate Selection”.
6. When this is finished, you should have a nice-looking session of uniform regions. These regions can be brought into a Logic session, put on measure 1, and there you have it.

Note– If tracks were dropped, print out the list of dropped tracks. Delete all of the tracks with the newly consolidated regions, so there are no tracks in the session. Select the tracks by Option-clicking on the track name, and “Delete Tracks” from the File menu.

7. Go to “Import Tracks” in the File menu, select the ORIGINAL session, and select the next bank of tracks you need.
8. These tracks, once opened in the session, should be consolidated as the previous tracks were.

You can opt to export the time stamp of each separate region, but the consolidate method is much easier.

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Click here for 28,000 answers to your tech questions

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