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I Keep getting an error message that says “Microsoft runtime error” when I use my software. What should I do?

First, a runtime error is a computer error that appears in the form of a message box consisting of a particular code along with its corresponding definitions. Usually, you will notice that the computer becomes noticeably slow before a runtime error appears.

After the runtime error message has been displayed and closed, the software that shows this error would normally close or freeze. In some cases, the operating system will reboot.

A wide variety of errors cause these problems. These include:
-Conflicts between the TSR (Terminate and Stay Resident Program)and other currently running applications.
-Software issues such as an incompatibility with Windows.
-Memory (RAM ) problems.
-Harmful applications such as computer viruses.

What can you do to fix the problem?

The procedures for fixing a runtime error vary depending on what is causing the problem. For a TSR issue, simply use the “end task” function of the Task Manager to end the conflicting program.

Also try checking for software updates from the programs that you were running when the runtime error was caused. This may be your host audio program or any plug-ins or vitrual instruments you may have been using. The manufacture websites will have them in a “downloads” section.

Next, try checking the RAM with memtest (Sweetcare article 30988) or removing individual RAM sticks to see if a stick is defective. finally, run a antivirus program such as AVAST to remove any harmful viruses. (This should only be done if you have your computer connected to the internet)

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