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Cubase4 in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard says “Device failed to load” when I try to choose an audio driver in VST Audio System. What can I do?

In Mac OS X 10.5 or late versions of 10.4, you may not see any information in the Device Setup window when you click on “VST Audio System,” or the window may say “Device failed to load.” In several cases, the solution for this error has been to trash the Cubase4 application and its preferences and then reinstall the program.

To trash Cubase’s preferences, go to MacintoshHD>Users>(home)>Library>Preferences and delete the contents of the Cubase folder.

Next, go to MacintoshHD>Applications and delete the Cubase4 application.

After deleting the above, empty the trash on your Mac and restart the computer. Run the Cubase installer again, then download and install the latest Cubase update from Steinberg’s Cubase update page.

After you reinstall Cubase, it’s a good idea to repair your Mac’s disk permissions and restart the computer again. Click here for instructions on repairing disk permissions.

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