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Two Parallel Pedals in an Effects Loop

Q: I have two pedals that I want to run in my guitar amp’s effects loop, but I don’t want to run one after the other in series. I want the signal from the effects loop send to split, go through the pedals “side by side,” then mix back together again into the effects loop’s return. Is there a way to do this without having to have a mixer?

A: There are a couple of products that will let you run two pedals in parallel in a single effects loop. One to consider is the Morley ABY Mix. This lets you run two ins and outs, and combine the two ins as well. You can toggle beteween inputs, and there is a level control for each input.

Another option would be the RJM Music Mini Line Mixer, which can combine up to two stereo or four mono inputs. Yes, it is technically a mixer, but it’s super simple and its form factor is intended for pedalboard use.

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