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TonePrint for Bass!

Why should guitar players have all the fun? TC Electronic has now brought their amazing TonePrint technology to the bass! The brand-new BG250 bass amplifier includes built-in TonePrint technology so you can upload new effects to your amp wirelessly using your smartphone and a simple app! We’re talking cutting-edge technology that expands the range of sounds available from this amp tremendously!

But the BG250 is about more than just awesome effects. This combo amp features a single 15-inch speaker driven by 250 watts of power, yet it comes in at just 35 pounds! With intelligent tone control (for example, turn the bass knob right to boost 100Hz, turn it left to cut at 80Hz) you can dial in everything from funk to old school to modern rock tones in a flash! The Tube Drive knob adds just the right amount of warmth or grit and a balanced XLR output routes signal directly into your PA or recording rig without need for a microphone. There’s even a built-in tuner!

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