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New PRS Pickups

Q: What’s the deal with the new PRS small-looking humbucker pickups?

A: We had a chance to check these out in person at the PRS Experience last weekend. Here’s the deal: PRS calls these “narrow aperture” pickups. Physically, they’re as long as a regular pickup, but are not as wide as a regular humbucker or a soapbar — though they are wider than a regular single-coil. They have the same output level as PRS’s 57/08 humbuckers and are fully humbucking. because of the narrow-aperture design, they sense a smaller portion of the string length, and produce a brighter sound, similar to a single-coil but with a bit more beef.

We had a chance to listen to them in the new 3-pickup Modern Eagle 3 and new Swamp Ash Special models, and we were impressed with how “single-coily” they were, and how well the “in-between” positions (2 and 4) worked on a 5-way blade switch.

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