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Mesa/Boogie King Snake Limited

1971 was a watershed year for guitar tone — that was the year that Carlos Santana performed a concert at the Budokan hall in Japan using his secret weapon: a very early “Mark I” Mesa/Boogie amplifier built for him by Randall Smith. Equipped with a revolutionary cascading high-gain preamp (by 1970 standards) developed by Smith, Santana’s Mark I created a new tone that delineates “vintage” from “modern” in many players’ minds.

Among the firsts in this amp were the aforementioned preamp, clean/overdrive footswitching, 100-watt/60-watt power switch, pull gain boost, slave out, and custom cabinetry and grille.

Now you can own a limited edition reissue of this groundbreaking amp, the Mesa/Boogie King Snake! A direct descendent of Carlos’s Budokan amp, the King Snake includes several tone secrets Boogie uncovered over the years (such as Multiwatt power switching, mid/boost midrange tone control, blackface/tweed dual presence control, and more), in the same unique chassis as Carlos’s amp, with a proprietary KS-100 Fillmore speaker, and featuring an aged snake-embossed lambskin covering.


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