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Fender Super-Sonic Differences

Q: Are the Fender Super-Sonic 60 and Super-Sonic 22 the exact same amp except for the amount of power?

A: They’re pretty close, but there are a few things that differ between them. As you mentioned, the power is clearly different; in the Super-Sonic 60 you have 6L6 tubes producing 60 watts. In the Super-Sonic 22 you have 6V6 tubes producing 22 watts. Some other differences:

  • Speaker: the Super-Sonic 60 uses a Celestion Vintage 30 speaker. The Super-Sonic 22 uses a Fender “Lightning Bolt” speaker made by Eminence.
  • Preamp: The Vintage channel on the Super-Sonic 60 can switch between Vibrolux and Bassman voicings. The Vintage channel on the Super-Sonic 22 is voiced more like a Deluxe, with the addition of a footswitchable Fat feature.
  • Form factor: The Super-Sonic 60 is available in either 1×12 combo or head formats, while the Super-Sonic 22 is available as a 1×12 combo.
  • Weight: The Super-Sonic 60 weighs 54 lbs, the Super-Sonic 22 weighs 40 lbs (comparing the 1×12 combo version of the SS 60).
  • Footswitch: The Super-Sonic 60 has a 3-button footswitch (channel, reverb, effects loop) while the Super-Sonic 22 has a 4-button footswitch (channel, fat, reverb, effects loop).

Both of them sound great and can cover a ton of tonal ground!

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