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dbx DriveRack PA Review

...for any venue engineer who would like to simplify their system, the DriveRack PA is a clear choice.

Today, sound systems are becoming more common and complex. From churches and schools to theaters and night clubs there is the need for versatile, high performance gear at affordable prices – dbx has addressed these issues with its DriveRack line of signal processors.

[b]In Use[/b]
I recently had the opportunity to use the DriveRack PA, which is the starting point in dbx’s line of speaker control systems. There are several things I noticed right away. It’s conveniently sized and well laid out with a large, bright LCD and a dedicated button for each of the main functions. What are these functions? Get ready for a unique and extensive list. These main functions are, feedback eliminator, graphic EQ, compressor, sub-harmonic synthesizer, crossover, parametric EQ, limiter, alignment delay and a RTA – easily an entire rack full of gear!

Several of the DriveRack’s functions stand out from this impressive list. The RTA has a pink noise generator and a mic input that can be set up to listen to an environment and automatically flatten the speaker system it’s hooked up to. Another standout feature is the very narrow curve of the 12 feedback notch filters. There is a setup wizard that configures the signal path making edits and hookup a breeze. The other features are fairly self-explanatory with the exception of the graphic. It is a 28-band instead of the more common 31. For most applications this is plenty but if you are a sound engineer who has to have 31-bands, you should consider upgrading to one of the other DriveRack products.

The manual for the DriveRack was well layed out, easy to understand and informative. For anyone tired of all the extra rack of gear in your mobile system or for any venue engineer who would like to simplify their system, the DriveRack PA is a clear choice.

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