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Cool Guitar Tools: Silent Sister

Friday’s Tech Tip featured the Rivera RockCrusher, a very cool power attenuator for guitar amps. But that’s not the only awesome volume-control solution from our friends at Rivera! To totally contain the amp’s volume, check out the Silent Sister! This isolation cabinet takes a completely different approach, letting you wind up your amplifier, but placing the speaker inside a sealed cabinet in order to minimize the volume. There’s a mic clip and gooseneck right inside the cabinet with the speaker, so you can get the sound out to your PA or studio rig — you can even use two mics at a time if you want. The Silent Sister features a Celestion GT12T-75 12″ speaker in a hardwood-core plywood cabinet.

Now you can get your tone by cranking your amp, but you won’t disturb anyone else in the house or bleed into anyone else’s tracks or microphones in the studio or onstage.

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