Rivera Silent Sister 75-watt 1x12" Isolation Cabinet - Black

75-watt, 8-ohm, Isolation Cabinet with 1x12" Celestion G12T-75 Speaker, Integrated Mic Clips, Goosenecks, and XLR Outputs - Black
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Rivera Silent Sister 75-watt 1x12
Rivera Silent Sister 75-watt 1x12

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Rivera Silent Sister 75-watt 1x12" Isolation Cabinet - Black
In Stock!

Can You Crank Your Amp and Keep It Quiet?

The Rivera Silent Sister isolation cabinet for guitar amps is a seriously useful cabinet to have, both in the studio and onstage. Sometimes you really need to crank up your amp to get the tone you're looking for, but often that results in a volume higher than what is comfortable to be around! And so we turn to the isolation cabinet - the Rivera Silent Sister isolation cab to be precise. The Silent Sister sports a 1 x 12" Celestion G12T-75 speaker in a hardwood-core plywood cabinet. In the cabinet are two pre-wired microphone goosenecks connected to the XLR outputs on the back of the cabinet. Connect your amp, choose your mics, close the lid, and you'll be able to crank up your amp without flooding your space with guitar tone.

Onstage, Silent Sister will let you run your amp at its optimum tone without adding to your stage volume, which in turn means cleaner sounding monitor mixes and a more enjoyable experience onstage in general. In the studio, you can track guitars live with the rest of the band without worrying about signal bleed - not to mention your neighbors will probably appreciate the Silent Sister, too!

Rivera Silent Sister Features at a Glance:
  • Hardwood-core plywood construction is built to last and won't muddy your tone
  • Smart engineering from Rivera lets the cabinet breathe, unlike some iso cabs that sound compressed or boxy
  • Built-in casters make it a breeze to transport
  • Built-in mic goosenecks make setup fast and easy
  • Celestion G12T-75 speaker is regarded as one of the finest for guitar cabinets
Mic your cab in peace with the Rivera Silent Sister!

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Tech Specs

Configuration 1 x 12"
Speakers 1 x 12" Celestion G12T-75
Power Handling 75W
Impedance 8 ohms
Cabinet Type Straight
Open/Closed Back Closed
Construction Material Hardwood-core Plywood
Mono/Stereo Mono
Inputs 2 x 1/4"
Outputs 2 x XLR
Manufacturer Part Number SS1

Customer Reviews

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Perfect Pro Solution!

I've been touring for more then a years with this cab and it's very nice. I play 7 shows a week in a studio setup and the band leader has an open talkback mic all trough the show. Now I can crank up my badger 30 real loud and none of it will spill on the band leader's talkback or the vocals.It's not 100% silent. It cut about 30db wich is more than enough for me because I still want to feel some vibrations when I play so know that it will still produce sound and vibrations. It's very well built and sounds great! I've tried many other solutions out there including building my own amp box and the SilentSister is definitly the pro solution. I've tried to block the pressure relief hole to see how it would sound and there's no doubt now that it's what makes Rivera's Iso Cab sound better than all the others. It does not sound boxy at all. For recording, this is also fantastic because for all of you guitar players out there who are making home recordings well you won't have to worry about a car driving by or the air conditioning getting picked up by the mic or anything else you can think of. Mine is loaded with a Celestion G12H and sounds great and I'm even thinking getting a second one with the new Celestion Creambacks to do some real nice stereo effects!
Music background: Pro Musician

Quieter than my real sister

Playinng loud hard metal through this thing is a dream! While you can still hear it a bit, it sounds like it's a block away. My girlfriend can read in the same room while I shred my brains out! Excellent Celestion speaker and I have a Royer Ribbon and SM57 perfectly positioned inside that make the sound massive. Incredible construction too. This changed my life and improved my guitar sound.
Music background: Pro Musician

Quieter Sister...

While Rivera has definitely come up with an iso-cab that sounds great internally, the fact is that this cab is anything but "silent." Making this cab with the "pressure relieved" feature was a big trade-off - internal sound quality versus effective isolation. It does bring down the volume significantly, but not enough for my situation, which is a home studio in the basement of a town-house, being only 14' wide with neighbors on both sides. The volume from this cab when driven by a Hiwatt 100 watt head is still way too much for this space, and the low-end that radiates out of this thing like nuclear fallout, even with my two lower watt amps (6 and 15 watts), and is the kind that goes right through walls and floors like a hot knife through butter. I also think the volume that emanates from it might even be too much for a live stage, it you're looking for genuine isolation. A situation where you can put the cab in a back room some where, and you're not surrounded by neighbors, might work out fine as is. For my part, I built a multi-layered iso-box to put the Silent Sister into, and then, and only then, after several hundred dollars more and 3 solid weeks of hard work later, it's actually quiet enough to use in my space. Until someone comes up with a lightweight substance that can both absorb and stop sound vibrations (and this may not be till the Star Trek era...), there's no way a box this small and lightweight can actually isolate to the degree they claim. As the experts say, true sound proofing only comes from mass, mass, and more mass, and this cab does not have enough mass for true sound proofing. That said, the miked sound in the monitors is great, not just passable or pretty good, and far better than any other iso-cab on the market, which is why I opted to keep this cab and make it work.
Music background: Pro Musician

Sweetwater Advice

David Hess

Using a 1960B live now? Tired of complaints of "beaming" the front 3 rows at your shows? Problem solved. T-75 loaded and awesome for tracking at home as well.

Stuart Niven

Every Studio, professional or home based should have a Rivera Silent Sister. The ability to have your amp leveled the way it was supposed to be (on 11) and be able to cut vocals in the same room, track your next masterpeice at 2am without having the cops called. Yes, please.
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