Rivera RockCrusher Power Attenuator/Load Box for Amps

Power Attenuator and Load Box for Tube Amps
5/5 38 Write review Item ID: RockCrusher
Rivera RockCrusher Power Attenuator/Load Box for Amps image 1
Rivera RockCrusher Power Attenuator/Load Box for Amps image 1

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Rivera RockCrusher Power Attenuator/Load Box for Amps
In Stock!

The tube amp tone you want without cranking the volume

Rivera's RockCrusher power attenuator and load box could be your gateway to epic tube-amp tonal bliss. The tone of a tube amp is directly related to the power of the signal it receives, and how much amplification is added by the tubes themselves. In other words, if you're not cranking up your tube amp, you're not really hearing its full tone! Unfortunately, it's not always possible (or comfortable!) to turn up your tube amp to its tonal sweet spot, and that's where Rivera's RockCrusher comes in. Put the RockCrusher between your amp and speaker cabinet, and you'll be able to crank up the tone on your amp while keeping your volume down.

The RockCrusher's reactive load network is constantly maintaining the proper relationship of impedance and inductive/capacitive reactance. In guitar-speak, that means the RockCrusher lets you push your amp to its limits so that your tubes reach their tonal potential all while keeping your volume down. If you play a tube amp and want the ability to get killer tone out of it at reasonable volumes, the Rivera RockCrusher is a must-have.

Rivera RockCrusher Features at a Glance:

  • 8-ohm and 16-ohm modes let you use the RockCrusher with almost any amp/speaker combination
  • Lets you hear your tube amp's tone as you've never heard it before
  • Bombproof construction lets you take it to even the wildest gigs
  • Balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4" outputs let you easily interface with your recording gear
  • Tonally transparent so that you hear your amp, not the RockCrusher
Hear Mitch Gallagher put his RockCrusher to work

Hover over features below for a detailed description

True bypass with no signal loss 
Switch between 8 or 16 ohms to match your cabinet's impedance
Restores top-end response
Restores low-end response
Stepped knob is easily recallable and gives you consistency in volume reduction 
Fine volume control of the quietest attenuation setting
Controls level sent through line outputs
Choose between balanced and unbalanced line outs (front-panel level control)
Send your attenuated signal to one or two speaker cabinets
From amp output, switchable between 8- and 16-ohm impedance
Oversized rubber feet help with convection cooling action and stacking on top of your amp
Oversized rubber feet help with convection cooling action and stacking on top of your amp
Paul Rivera Sr. talks about the RockCrusher

Great Tube Tone for Every Occasion

Perfect for stages and studios of any size

Tube amps interact with the impedance load that a speaker cabinet puts on the amp's output — if you plug into your amp and just hook the amp's direct output to a recording device, you won't get the tone you expect. By hooking up the RockCrusher to your amp's speaker outputs, it interacts with all of the tubes in your amp — not just the preamp tubes you hear from your amp's direct output — to provide the true articulate and responsive tone you're looking for. What does this mean for you? You can harness every tiny bit of tone your tubes have been designed to put out, and you get the sound of your amp and pedals, all without worrying about volume. Onstage, the decreased stage volume allows for better monitoring situations and lets your front-of-house engineer mix your signal without fighting your stage levels. In the studio, this means you get to lay down no-compromise guitar tone without bleeding sound into other mics. You paid for every last tube in your amp, so use them!

Why you need the RockCrusher for live performance

  • Get the true tone of your amp for in-ear monitoring
  • Leave your cabinet at home and still get great tone
  • For home recording, record real tube tone without waking the baby
  • No worries about mic choice or placement
  • For professional recording, greater mic isolation during live sessions
  • Expanded volume control opens up your miking possibilities

Built like a Tank

Rugged inside and out for years of use

The RockCrusher is constructed of 16-gauge welded steel that's perforated on the top and bottom of the unit, allowing for convection-type cooling to dissipate heat. Large, heavy-duty knobs and switches are easy to use and super durable.

Built for the hard knock life of the road — you'll have great tone consistently regardless of the size of the room!

Inside, Rivera uses industrial-grade components that stand up to the heat as well as the rigors of the road, making it as capable on a world tour as it is in your studio. Imagine your guitar rig transport whittled down to your favorite amp head and a RockCrusher — not only do you get to play with the tone you want, but you can also leave the speaker cabinet at home!

Additional Media

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Tech Specs

Power Handling 120W RMS
Impedance 8/16 ohms
Inputs 1 x 1/4" (in from amplifier)
Outputs 2 x 1/4" (speaker out), 1 x XLR (line out), 1 x 1/4" (line out)
Manufacturer Part Number RockCrusher

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
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Its a Load Box too!!!

I've had this thing for two years now. It works exactly as advertised. You can knock the sound of a 100 watt head down to nothing with this thing and it still sounds good. I didn't realize until last week though that you can use it as a load box with no speaker cab. No one ever says anything about the load box functionality of the RockCrusher and it's my fault for never reading the manual. I'm running the line out into a Torpedo C.A.B. and it sounds fantastic. Now I have no reason to want a RockCrusher Recording or a Mini RocRec.

If Goldilocks Played Guitar

I ordered the rock crusher because I've always been very conscious of annoying neighbors and family members with my guitar playing. I owned a hotplate a few years back and I hated what it did to my tone. The rock crusher was exactly what I needed to have total control over the volume without losing tone. I use it on a small 15 watt amp but I love that it is built robust enough to handle a 100W head should I ever decide to go that route. I think there are many people like me that are willing to spent a little extra for a product as long as the sound quality is superb and the item is made with quality in mind. The rock crusher did not disappoint and I am extremely happy with the tone and the quality.
Music background: Hobbyist

rockcrusher tone keeper

as advertised does exactly what it's supposed to do!!! no tone loss
Music background: musician

Rivera RockCrusher

Okay the review of this unit is based on gigging and not playing at home. My stage rig consist of a mesa roadster 2x12 coupled with a TC Electronics G system. Needless to say the mesa can get crushingly loud when the volume gets around 11 or 12 o'clock. The problem i was having is our band has a crazy low stage volume due to using in-ear monitors and electronic drums and a sound guy who is whiny when we turn up. But most of you know playing a tube amp at super low levels just doesn't get it done. So I purchased the Rock Crusher from sweetwater before our last gig to try it out and the only thing I can say is wow. First words out of my sound guys mouth was " What are you doing differently". Most fun I've had at a gig in a while. The amp finally sounds the way I always wanted it to. The Rock Crusher is a keeper.
Music background: Some guy who plays guitar in a band!!

Rivera RockCrusher

I was very skeptical of using a power attenuator to help the problem i was facing as you might guess what it was (VOLUME). I own a beautiful English made Vox AC-30/6TBX made in 2004 a perfect reissue and same vintage sound from the original early made in the 60's. As you know vintage amps didn't use master volume as mine doesn't have one and MAN IS IT LOUD EVEN ON LEVEL 3 VOLUME. I almost was about to build a half studio foam cabinet to attenuate some what the volume because it was overpowering the band and if i turn it any lower than level 3 on my amp i might as well tie up my tubes with a rope and choke the heck out of them, as guitarist we all know we need to turn up our amps to a certain level to get that nice sweet tone we are all looking for. It all changed when i came across to The Rivera RockCrusher, after listening to some great demos i went ahead and order this great product, I knew after hearing the demos it was the solution i was looking for but there is nothing like trying it live and yes this did it for me and boy is my wife now happy when i rehearse at home, i can actually shut it off and hear my strings ringing louder from my electric guitar than my amp and still baking those tubes. I did a side to side comparison with a friend that owns a Dr. Z Air Brake Attenuator and i liked the transparency that the Air brake provides as well but it docent attenuate very much, just enough to gig with a band but not for a bedroom rehearsal, even on the bedroom level in that attenuator it was still very loud. Im happy that i purchase the RockCrusher because it is built like a thank, it has on the top and bottom vents for ventilation to prolong the life of the product, it has 2 levels of ohms for your type of impedance amp 8 or 16 ohms, it has different levels of db attenuation and studio with a level control, it has an unbalance and balance output for connecting directly to your PA system if desire and 2 with a level control and 2 speaker outputs but the greatest feature of all, it keeps my tone in any level of attenuation. I like to use it in the 3db level when i jam with the band because i still want my amp to push out some air through that alnico blue speakers to get that vintage speaker tone and still a pleasant and reasonable volume were you can hear all the instruments of the band and o yeah, that overdriven sound of my amp. If you are facing the same problem i was facing before, get the Rivera RockCrusher and solve your problem.
Music background: Christian Pop Rock

Sweetwater Advice

Charlie Davis

Using the Rivera RockCrusher for the first time was an eye-opening experience. I have a Mesa Express 5:50 combo amp, which I like in the 50-watt setting for maximum headroom. However, at that setting, I can barely turn the amp up and it's basically unusuable at home, practice, or even most gigs. It has lower wattage settings, but these do change the feel of the amp (and sound great but not my preference), so I wanted another solution. This is where the RockCrusher came into play. It was so easy to set up. I basically dialed in the amp where I would ideally want to use it if volume wasn't an issue and then increased the attenuation on the RockCrusher until it was the right volume. At home it was on 20db of attenuation, which cut out some of my top end. No problem, I turned on the Edge switch to bring back some top end and viola! Cranked up tone at bedroom volume. I flipped the bypass back and forth a few times and sure enough, it sounded the exact same except quieter. Now I can run my amp in the sweet spot 100% of the time. If I'm at home, I use the highest attenuation setting, and at practice or gigs all I have to do is reduce the amount of attenuation to fit the size of the venue. My amp settings never change. This is the best and most consistent tone I've ever had. Imagine having the best tone your amp can produce every time you turn it on, and not having to worry about volume. This is not a piece just for guys with 100 watt full stacks. If you have a head or combo over 30 watts, you need to be checking one of these out.

David Hess

The Rivera RockCrusher is is the finest device of its type in the marketplace. Period.
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