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Moog Announces Subsequent 37 CV

Moog unveiled the latest in their long line of super-cool synths at this year's Moogfest: Subsequent 37 CV. Based on the super-powerful Sub 37 Tribute Edition, Subsequent 37 CV ups the ante with new sounds, more... Read more »

Friedman Motor City Drive Tube Overdrive Pedal Review

Nick Bowcott presents the Friedman Motor City Drive pedal. The Friedman Motor City Drive pedal puts the touch-sensitive breakup of a Friedman tube circuit on your pedalboard. To achieve the level of response and... Read more »

Bogner Lyndhurst Compressor Pedal Review

Don Carr presents the Bogner Lyndhurst Compressor pedal. Loaded with a Rupert Neve-designed transformer, this compressor pedal puts the coveted sound of a classic recording console onto your pedalboard. Its built-in... Read more »

Essential Looping Tips and Techniques

Loops instantly add another element to your live performance and can be used in so many different ways. From a simple groove to a complex arrangement, loops can be used to augment a full band or to back up a solo... Read more »

Getting a Live Show Sound in the Studio

As more people record in smaller spaces, such as bedrooms and bonus rooms, the ability to capture a "big room" recording studio sound becomes challenging. Putting up room mics and capturing the ambience of an Abbey... Read more »

TAMA SLP Classic Dry Aluminum Snare Drum Review

Nick D'Virgilio presents the TAMA SLP Classic Dry Aluminum snare drum. With its 1.2mm aluminum shell and pronounced center bead, the LAL1455 is a clear nod to some of history's most sought-after snare drums. The... Read more »

TAMA SLP Fat Spruce Snare Drum Review

Nick D'Virgilio presents the TAMA SLP Fat Spruce snare drum. In a class of its own, the TAMA SLP Fat Spruce Snare Drum features an 8-ply, 7mm spruce shell with a beautiful wood grain finish, eight brass tube lugs... Read more »

Fender American Professional Jazz Bass Demo

Mitch Gallagher presents the Fender American Professional Jazz Bass, with help from Sweetwater Sales Engineer Andy Rice. Not many bass guitar designs have found wider favor around the world than the Fender Jazz... Read more »

Promotion in Motion: How GoPro Helped Scott Wilkie Take his Album to #1

In January of 2016, Sweetwater's Chuck Surack, invited jazz pianist Scott Wilkie and his band to tour the Sweetwater Campus, and suggested that the group check out Sweetwater Studios.     When they walked... Read more »

3 Tips for Getting a Great Performance in the Studio

There have been many a scroll passed down through the ages on "How To Get A Great Vocal Sound" or "...Drum Sound"…or...fill in the blank. But often overlooked is information on how to get a great performance out of... Read more »

Recording Big Big Train with Nick D’Virgilio and Mark Hornsby

Mitch Gallagher sits down with Sweetwater's Nick D'Virgilio to talk about his award-winning band Big Big Train. Nick talks about how they recorded their most recent album here in Sweetwater Studios, with insights... Read more »

How to Prevent Feedback in Church Sound Systems

Feedback in a worship service or concert is one of the most overt, embarrassing moments for a sound engineer who is trying to mostly be invisible behind the scenes. Besides being a blatant interruption, there's... Read more »

Best Acoustic Guitars under $500

The quality and consistency of acoustic guitars is at an all-time high. The level of craftsmanship has been raised across the board due to a near perfect storm of reasons. Manufacturers are taking the art of design... Read more »

Pros and Cons: Bringing Multiple Guitars to the Gig

As a guitarist, it's possible to find yourself in the middle of a song where your guitar isn't quite giving you what you need. It can be the sound or feel of a particular instrument that doesn't exactly fit what... Read more »

Synth Tricks: Creating Synth Sounds from Scratch

One of the many joys of working at Sweetwater is the deep connection we have with the manufacturers and distributors of the instruments we sell. Because of this relationship I'm often granted the opportunity to... Read more »

Free Stem Mastering Seminar with Mike Wells

Dangerous Music and Sweetwater are proud to present a unique opportunity to learn stem mastering from a pro! The event will be streaming live on May 13, 2017, at 2pm EDT, free of charge. (A free Puremix membership... Read more »

GearFest 2017

Free demos, free advice — and free admission! GearFest 2017 (June 23 and June 24) is the largest free-admission music gear tradeshow in the U.S. Imagine two full days of hands-on gear demonstrations, workshops with... Read more »

Best Drum Mic Kits

Whether in the studio or onstage, an acoustic drum kit is one of the most challenging instruments to mic up well. An acoustic drum kit fills the entire sonic spectrum, and it's challenging to deal with extremely... Read more »

5 Vocal Recording Mistakes You May Be Making

Everybody wants a great vocal sound on their recording, right? Most engineers can give you tips for techniques you should use, but there are some things that you will definitely want to avoid - details that are... Read more »

5 Questions with Peter Erskine

Here at Sweetwater, we have the good fortune of having many of the world's leading musicians stop by for a visit, or in the case of drummer/educator extraordinaire, Peter Erskine, booking time to record an album in... Read more »

Friedman Tour Pro Platinum Pack Pedalboard Review

Mitch Gallagher gives a comprehensive overview of the Friedman Tour Pro Platinum Pack Pedalboard. This rugged two-tier pedalboard features a flat surface on the bottom tier and a slanted surface for the second tier... Read more »

5 Ultimate Metal Rigs

The race for the ultimate heavy metal guitar rig has been around ever since guitarists discovered the love cranking the gain and riffing away. But with all of the choices in metal-focused gear, it may be difficult... Read more »

Review: EarthQuaker Devices Erupter Fuzz Pedal

Don Carr presents the EarthQuaker Devices Erupter fuzz pedal. The all-analog EarthQuaker Devices Erupter could be the ultimate classic fuzz. Yet surprising enough, this pedal is no clone. It's the result of more... Read more »

Best Drum Sets for Kids

Children are natural percussionists. A drum set is a great way to captivate their blooming musical minds and teach them the discipline and dexterity that only years of drumming can afford. With today's range of... Read more »