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TUTORIAL: How do I use the Glue tool function in CubaseSX/SL?

There are two functions for the glue tool that enhance its functionality and increase editing speed when you’re trying to lock together specific sets of events on a track.

First, you can glue multiple events together selectively, which is useful if, say, one or two bar’s worth of data don’t have the timing you want but everything else is timed right. In this instance locking the whole track would be out of the question.

Here’s what to do: Highlight the events you want to join, and then click on one of them with the glue tool. This creates a single event comprising the items you have selected, and leaves everything else free to be moved about as normal.

The second function will glue together all events on a track from a specific point in the timeline onwards. This is useful when you have several short audio clips scattered along a track and need to lock them all in time as parts within a single event. To do this hold down the Alt key (or Option key on a Mac) while clicking with the glue tool on the event where you want your newly joined-up section to begin. When you do this everything after that event will now be joined up. On a long track this would save a major amount of individual gluing together.

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