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Syncrosoft Soft e-Licenser fails when registering on Windows Vista.

Try these steps to fix your disabled or broken Soft e-Licenser:

On your PC please go to C:\ProgramData\Syncrosoft\ and delete the file
named “SeLicenser.sel” in the Syncrosoft folder.

Then please follow these next set of instructions to create a new SeL.

1. Please uninstall the Syncrosoft LCC. To do this, go to the Start menu
in Windows, Control Panel, Programs and Features, and remove the
Syncrosoft License Control Center entry.

2. Delete the folder ‘Syncrosoft’ from your Windows system partition in
the ‘Program Files’ folder.

3. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\Syncrosoft (delete the folder
‘Syncrosoft’). The ‘ProgramData’ folder is usually a hidden system
folder, you may need to adjust the Windows folder options to make it
visible. Skip this step if the ‘Syncrosoft’ folder cannot be found in:
C:\ProgramData\ !

4. Download the latest version of the Syncrosoft LCC to your desktop
from syncrosoft.com downloads,
license control center, download for PC, and click save.

5. Now start the command prompt by going to Start, Programs,
Accessories, and select Command Prompt.

6. Right click with your mouse on the Syncrosoft installer, and select
properties. Please note the path at “Location:”

7. Now enter this path into the command prompt, and add


8. After entering this, press ‘Enter’ and a new Soft-eLicenser will be
created for you.

9. Now, go to steinberg.net
MySteinberg and request a new activation code.

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