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Pro Tools 11 Plugin Compatibility and Co-install

11/13/2013 – Please note that if you are running Mac OS X Mavericks, the co-install of Pro Tools 11 and 10.3.x are no longer supported. 

With Pro Tools 11, Avid has completely redesigned its inner workings to make the DAW run more efficiently on your system. They have also updated the plug-in format so that Pro Tools 11 uses 64-bit plug-ins (64-bit AAX) instead of the old 32-bit plug-ins (RTAS, TDM, 32-bit AAX) which allows for a more efficient work flow as well as more plug-in power. However, Avid has offered a solution for those who want to upgrade to the new version but not lose their trusty plug-ins. When you buy Pro Tools 11, it comes with a license for Pro Tools 10 and allows you to co-install them on your computer so that both Pro Tools 10 and 11 can exist on the same drive, ultimately letting you use your old plug-ins in Pro Tools 10. The co-install feature will only work with Pro Tools version 10.3.6 and above, so it is important that you use the license that comes with your new Pro Tools 11 software.

Now you may be thinking, “But I don’t want to use PT 10, I want to use PT 11!” With the co-install feature, you can take any tracks you record in PT 11 and transfer them to PT 10 where you can affect your tracks with your favorite plug-ins. Now you can continue to run your session in PT 11 without losing the sound of your plug-ins you’ve come to love. Please note that any PT 11 session over 4GB will not open in PT10.

We realize this process isn’t perfect, but it’s a nice solution for the time being while plug-in developers work to get their plug-ins compatible with Avid’s new 64-bit engine.

Please note that you must have a 2nd generation iLok in order to make this install happen. While PT 10 can run on a 1st generation iLok on its own, PT 11 and any software bundle included requires iLok 2.

Click here a list of plugins that work with Pro Tools. After clicking the link, look to the left of the page and click “Pro Tools 11” under “Compatibility.” This will narrow down the list to all of the currently compatible plugins with Pro Tools 11. You can check with this list at any time to see which plugins have been added.

Note: The co-install does not allow you to run both Pro Tools 10 and Pro Tools 11 at the same time. You can just have them installed on the same computer.


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