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Programming Ground Control Pro for Eleven Rack Expansion Pack

From Voodoo Lab:

Below are links to a memory dump from a Ground Control Pro that was programmed to control an Eleven Rack running the new Expansion Pack software. This will put all the default USER Bank preset names into the Ground Control Pro presets as well as set the Instant Access buttons and Expression Pedals so everything lines up with the default Eleven Rack setup.

Instant Access buttons:
Button 1 = Wah On/Off
Button 2 = FX1 On/Off
Button 3 = FX2 On/Off
Button 4 = Tap Tempo
Button 5 = Distortion On/Off
Button 6 = Modulation On/Off
Button 7 = Delay On/Off
Button 8 = Reverb On/Off

Expression Pedals:
Expression Pedal 1 = Volume Pedal in Eleven Rack Rigs.
Expression Pedal 2 = Wah position.

You will need a computer with a MIDI Interface and a program for sending MIDI bulk dumps. This has been tested on SendSX, MIDI-OX, SysEX Librarian and even the Line6 MIDI Memo for the iPhone.

Basic Instructions:
1. Download and unzip the appropriate file type for the program you will be using.
2. Load the unzipped file into your program and get the program ready to transmit.
3. Connect the MIDI Out of your MIDI Interface to the MIDI In of your Ground Control Pro.
4. Press both Setup Mode buttons on the Ground Control Pro to enter Setup Mode.
5. Press the MIDI button on the Ground Control Pro (Button 5).
6. Repeatedly press the Bank Down button until the display on the Ground Control Pro reads “RECEIVE MEM”.
Now the Ground Control Pro is ready to receive the bulk dump. Once you start transmitting the memory dump, the Ground Control Pro display should start a counter indicating the progress that will count up to 200 once completed. The numbers may flash fairly quickly depending on the speed your program sends the message.

This was done using a Ground Control Pro running v1.13 software and an Eleven Rack running v2.0.2 software.


http://www.voodoolab.com/public/gcp/11R … 13_syx.zip (.syx)

http://www.voodoolab.com/public/gcp/11R … 13_mid.zip (.mid)


If you’re having trouble downloading those files, you can also grab them from the original post:


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