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Why is MP3, MPEG 1, or MPEG 2 missing in my Render As window in Sound Forge?

Below are a few steps to try if the Render As or Save As window is missing the MP3 or MPEG choices:

1. Close the program and go to Start –> All Programs –> Sony –> Utilities –> Migration Tools.

You will need to run each of the tools (except for the README). After you run all of the Migration Tool options, open the application again and verify if these options are still missing.

2. Go to C:\Program Files\Sony\Shared Plug-Ins\File Formats. Then delete the folder labeled with that plug-ins name (MP3 or MCMPEG).

After doing so, reinstall the program over the top of the existing installation. If that install asks you to Repair or Remove, select Repair.

3. Try installing the most current update of the software that contains the plug-in that you are missing.

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