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Does Sony Creative Software have a diagnostics tool I can use to help troubleshoot problems I encounter on my computer while using SCS software?

Sony Creative Software has created a utility called Diagnostics Tool 1.0. This tool will help the Technical Support department track down “hung” application errors and the causes for them.

The Diagnostics Tool is available here: http://download.sonycreativesoftware.com/util/SonyDiag_v1.0.zip

The snapshots created by Sony Diagnostics Tool 1.0 are only useful if the application in question is “hung” and requires using the Windows Task Manager to end the process (or a reboot). Please note that if an application has completely crashed and either the Sony Creative Software crash dialog or the Microsoft Windows error reporting dialog is displayed, Sony Creative Software needs those details instead of the snapshot created by Diagnostics Tool 1.0.

The downloadable file is named SonyDiag v1.0.zip. Please download the .zip file to your Windows desktop and open it. Inside the .zip you will find a file called SonyDiag.exe. To use the tool, please “hang” the Sony Creative Software application as you had before, and then run this file.

When you run this, on the first window you will be prompted to “Create Snapshot.” Choose that. In the next window, find the application that is hanging and click OK. Then you will be asked to save a file. Please save this to your desktop and then contact technical Support.

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