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I’ve recently upgraded to Sound Forge 9 and now my UAD Pluggins no longer work. When I attempt to process the selection I get an error message “err=3 out of memory.” What can I do?

Sony has been seeing some incompatible type problems like this and offers the following workaround. It is also important to make sure you have the latest drivers and firmware loaded for your UAD cards.
In the UAD control Panel;
1) Hold down Ctrl+Shift while selecting Options->Preferences
2) Select the “Internal” tab
3) Type in “sfaudstrm” in the edit box at the bottom
4) Find the entry labeled “Default SfAudStrm read size”
5) Change the Value cell to (sample rate * number of channels * 4 / 10), this is 35280 for stereo 44.1 kHz files
6) Tab or click away from the cell to commit the value, then click OK
7) Restart Sound Forge

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