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Wireless News

The last year or so has seen major changes in the wireless world, with new legislation, white spaces controversy, the digital television changeover, and more. Recently the FCC made new announcements that are of special importance to wireless microphone users. This press release from our friends at Shure contains information on how you can contribute your comments to the FCC regarding wireless usage and licensing:

FCC Revising Wireless Microphone License Eligibility

February 8, 2010

WASHINGTON, DC — After nearly 35 years, the Federal Communications Commission is considering expanding its licensing rules for wireless microphones, in-ear monitors, production intercom systems, and similar equipment that operates in the television broadcast (VHF and UHF) band.

Until now, only broadcasters, motion picture and television program producers, and similar entities were eligible for licenses. The FCC is aware that wireless microphones are used today by musical performers, houses of worship, theaters, schools, businesses, and many other types of entities.

The FCC permits wireless microphone operation either with or without a license. However, in the near future, licensed users may be afforded greater protection against interference from future consumer wireless TV Band Devices (both fixed and portable) that will operate in the same spectrum as wireless microphones.

The FCC is seeking comments from wireless users that will assist them in determining who should be eligible for a wireless microphone license. They need to know how you use wireless systems and how your productions and/or your business would be affected by sporadic interference from new TV Band Devices.

If you rely on wireless audio equipment, it is critical that you submit comments to the FCC before the deadline of February 22, 2010.

For guidelines on how you can submit comments on this issue, send an e-mail message to wirelessmicrophones@shure.com. You will receive a reply message with details on what information must be included in your comments and how to file them with the FCC.

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