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Why Two Loops on BigShot EFX?

Q: I’m confused by the Radial BigShot EFX. Why would I want two loops? Can’t I just turn my pedals on an off on my pedalboard?

A: There are several reasons why a loop switcher, such as the Radial BigShot EFX, is useful:

1. Bypass noisy effects
2. Bypass effects that degrade the tone of your guitar or bass even when they are bypassed.
3. Activate a chain of pedals with one button press — in other words, place an overdrive and a delay in the loop, so you can instantly turn on both with one button press instead of two.

A BigShot EFX allows you to preset two effects chains and instantly toggle between them. For example, Loop 1 might contain a compressor and a chorus for your clean sound. Loop 2 might contain a Uni-vibe-type effect, a fuzz box, and a delay for your lead tone. Using the BigShot you can swap between the two effects chains instantly, or instantly turn either or both off to return to your guitar-straight-into-the-amp setting.

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