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Value of Modded Guitar

Q: If I modify my guitar, will it be worth more or less than it was before?

A: The answer depends; there are a number of scenarios:

  • If the instrument is “vintage” or collectible, then any modification will reduce its value.
  • An inexpensive guitar modded with higher quality or more expensive parts may be worth more than it was in its original state (better pickups, for example).

But most players modify their guitars to personalize the instrument to perform better for their purposes. In this case, unless another player has the same tastes or needs, the value will likely be reduced.

So, is it worth it to mod a guitar? Again, the answer depends. If your goal is to make money on the guitar as an investment, in most cases, the answer will be no. However, if your goal is to modify the guitar to make it an ideal instrument for your needs, the resale value may be of secondary concern for you and in this case it may be worth it to perform the desired mods.

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